The Influence of Vincent Price Vincent Price started out as a dramatic actor but was mostly known in horror films. He was born In 1911 In SST. Louis, Missouri. He was In many horror films over the course of his film career. He’s worked with Alice Cooper, Michael Jackson, and even Tim Burton. Unfortunately In October of 1993 fatally battling lung cancer, he died at the age of 82 In Los Angels, California. Tim Burton was born 1 958 In Burbank, California. Growing up, Tim Burton wasn’t like the kids in his suburban neighborhood. He enjoyed watching monster and horror films rather than playing a ball.

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He had an isolated childhood and you can often find Burton saying that horror and monster films spoke to him. After high school, he went to college to study animation and later worked for Disney. He was fired from Disney in 1984 because he spent Disney’s money on a film that they deemed too scary for children. Boy, where they wrong when Burton released Frankincense (originally made in 1984) in 2012. One of his many influences was Vincent Price and the Hammer Horror movies he featured In. Price was his favorite actor. From an early age, you could say Price was Tim Burtons hero. The roles he played, the actor he was Inspired Burton.

In fact, Burton even made a short film called Vincent. One of Vincent final roles was playing Dry. Fraternities In Tim Burtons rendition of Edward Chlordane’s in 1990. Burton has incorporated many of his idols in the films he’s directed. For instance, Price’s role in Edward Chardonnays as the inventor relates to how Burton sees Price as a mentor figure. Burton has this distinct visual sense, when you see a certain cartoon Burton has directed, you already know it’s him by the way he makes the characters out to be. In Burtons cartoon short-film, Vincent, it’s about a boy who reads Edgar Allen Poe and etches Vincent Price films.

He’s not afraid to inhabit some humor into his films. Price even narrated the six minute film. That says a lot

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about Tim Burton, himself and where he got most of his Inspirations and Influences. On top of all that, to have Vincent Price narrate and make an appearance In a movie he’s directed was Burtons wildest dream. Vincent Price, along with many other great Influences, was a big part of who makes Burton who he Is today. Without Edgar Allen Poe or Vincent Price who knows where Burton would be today? Maybe he’d still be working for Disney, animating movies that weren’t his style.

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