Influent person

8 August 2016

All among us have their own most influential person in their life, some of them can change our way of life, and the change may bring us to new person than you before. Either it’s may change how I used to be, my inspirational person that influence me much is Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. He is our fourth prime minister of Malaysia that bring many improvement for our beloved country, he also be call father of development due he made many development during his era of being the one we respected.

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The attitude of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad with never gave up when doing something that may causes other people hate us even new idea or improvement that can help or better life, that is one of his characteristic can inspire me to never gave up when I down or wanted to giving idea that can solve the problem and make some changes.

He also influence me about when people mocking him or argue with his opinion he stood up and ignore them while no one support him when after his opinion showing the truth what he wanted to show us people who argue with him realize that he do for us and the changes may involve many person to contribute, cause every time he think he always think for all and think for future upon us. Everyone respected him how he think how his handle people around him, because he once have a small clinic that help many poor person even he gave free medicine and service he wanted to help people in needed.

From this he show many of moral to us and me that how high we are we still are normal human being, I taken seriously about this matter cause once we at above we must remind of our self that we also came from the same as them and we need to support them also He also have the way of thinking for the future upon us, that also made me inspired me to thinking like him, he made me thinking he is my second father that inspire me a lot.

Even we looked at his successful life but I notice that even he have certificate to being a doctor but he involve in politic this also show me that even we have difference background we can succeed any form of work and without stressing one stream of way, we also can succeed even we don’t have any basic of the stream. Tun Dr. Mahathir also inspired people even from overseas because he once help Malaysia survive from economic issue without loan any world banking to survive that make me inspire by him even hard ways we can survive and we can get through the if we unite together. Conclusion Here I wanted to conclude that Tun Dr. Mahathir influence me a lot due his succeed in his life the way he make people notice him and he show that all around the world he can succeed without any help. He also can withstand people mocking his opinion to changes and show the world the his opinion can make big success even no one support him at all.

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