Info Systems Syllabus

A Ritter agreement between the student and the instructor specifying the work to be made up and the deadline for its accomplishment must be filed in the office of the Department Chair at the time that the “l” is submitted.

The work agreed upon must be satisfactorily completed and the “l” changed no later than the end of the next regular (Fall or Spring) semester from the date the “l” was received unless an extension is requested by the instructor, or the grade will automatically be recorded as on the official transcript.A student will not receive a grade of “I” to allow more time to prepare course work in edition to that assigned to the entire class, time to repeat the entire course, or opportunity to raise a grade. Incomplete grades are not issued for student or faculty convenience; they may be issued only in the case of compelling, nonacademic circumstances beyond the student’s control. ADMINISTRATIVE WITHDRAWAL Students who miss more than half of the required activities within the first 25% of the course without contacting the course professor may be administratively withdrawn from the course.Administrative withdrawal has serious consequences. Students may have to pay funds to Title IV financial aid programs. Administrative withdrawal will count toward the six-drop rule limiting the number of courses students are allowed to drop to no more than six courses over the entire undergraduate career.

International students will not be eligible to continue enrollment if an administrative withdrawal results in a course load less than full-time. After the official record date, students may withdraw from classes and receive a “W” on their permanent records.This deadline to withdraw is specified in the Academic Calendar for each enrollment period. Students who do not outdraw before the deadline may not be given a “W” on the final grade sheet. Students may withdraw from all of their classes through Scorpion Online. The student is responsible for ensuring that their request is processed by the withdrawal deadline specified. At the instructor’s discretion, and consistent with the policy stated on the course syllabus, an instructor may withdraw a student from class for non-attendance.

An instructor-initiated withdrawal may result in a ” W” or an “P on the student’s permanent record.For this online course, three missed assignments will place a student in prepared of being dropped from the course. The third missed assignment will trigger an email asking for a meeting with the student. The meeting will be held in person or through KEEP. Failure to make this appointment within 15 calendar days of such email will result in a recommendation to the Dean for withdrawal from the course. Whether the withdrawal results in a “W” or an “F” will depend on the withdrawal date. A student can withdraw at any point in the process before this date.

ACADEMIC STANDING To remain in good academic standing undergraduate students are expected o maintain a cumulative grade point average (GAP) of at least 2. 00 (“C” average) for all work attempted at UT B. Academic standing is computed each regular semester (I. E. , Fall or Spring) for every u TAB student, including transfer and dual coursework and BEECH and MASS students; transient students are held to the standards of their home institution, not to those of UT B. Students who fail to maintain the minimum required grade point average of 2. 00 in all work attempted at CITE will be placed on academic probation.

At the end of the probationary semester, students who have earned a cumulative GAP of . 00 or higher will be changed to GOOD STANDING status. At the end of the probationary semester, students who have NOT earned a cumulative GAP of 2. 00 and who have NOT earned a semester GAP of 2. 00 or higher will be changed to SUSPENSION status. At the end of the probationary semester, students who have NOT earned a cumulative GAP of 2. 00, but who have earned a semester GAP of 2.

00 or higher will continue on PROBATION until their cumulative GAP is 2. 00, as long as each semester GAP is 2. 00 or higher.

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