Information System Managers

4 April 2015
A study on the demands of an information technology professional.

This paper examines the employer requirements for an information technology professional. The paper is well researched, with survey information and illustrations. The paper states that information system managers must have both technical and management skills in order to make intelligent business decisions. The author writes that employers of the future expect their IS managers to be at par with senior management, participating in decision making and strategizing with the board.
“The emergence of information technology increased the demand for IT [information technology] professionals during the 1990s. According to a Wall Street Journal article (“High-Tech Firms,” 1998) the average demand for IT professionals is estimated at 95,000 annually for the next 10 years. But information technology institutions are not producing enough graduates for hire. Hiring in this genre include computer scientists, system analysts, programmers and CIOs [Chief information officers]. As the industry realize the implication of IT professionals for the effectiveness of their operations, the mode of hiring process has also changed. Criteria could range from setting up a communication systems to a complex information structure for expansion purpose of the organizations [Ehie, 2002]. ”

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