Information Technology

6 June 2016

Every company aims at satisfactorily meeting its laid down and prioritized objectives by employing various technical strategies with the available resources at hand. For instance, a company engaging in a project in IT has to ensure in advance that the materials, equipment and personnel involved are in order to attain its prospects.

This paper aims at investigating the causes of failure of the IT Management within the XYZ Company’s IT project. This failure has been attributed to the little motivation that the company’s management has channeled towards its workers in their pursuit to accomplish their daily obligations in IT Personal Computers Local Area Networks, server and e-mails fields.

Information Technology Essay Example

The Human Resource Director has noticed with great concern that these workers are not performing these tasks appropriately. The workers’ unsatisfactory job has consequently resulted to problems in the network downtime, file serve availability-related file problems and general unresponsiveness in the network. In tireless efforts to look for absolute remedies, this paper also tackles some of the challenges that are present in the company such as its tendency to great layoff numbers of the total workforce. To once more raise the working morale of the employees and increase their production levels, the paper highlights the probable methodologies including using the managerial levels within XYZ Company.

IT Infrastructural Bottlenecks Resolutions

IT infrastructure is the process of managing firm-wide services that comprise of both human and technical capabilities. The companies IT department has been suffering from poor network availability that stem from problems related to server ability, and response time. Along with these given issues we also found other issues that have contributed to poor availability of network resources. It is our hope to make necessary changes to meet current and future business goals.

One of the first steps that we took was too identify the company’s strategic goals and then in turn make specific IT goals. These goals become the underlining reason that triggered me to make the decisions and how to phase in new technology, replace old outdate equipment, and finally plan for future growth and advancement. The company’s mission statement is to have the technical means to meet all business objectives: to be on time and under budget. However it was the lack of foresight that has caused many of the network problems and was the major complaint among the HR survey.

The ideas of total cost ownership (TCO) were not seen and only the goal to be under budget lead to the purchase of equipment with poor compatibility, which in turn has caused bottlenecks in network communication (from using hubs instead of switches), poor servers with no redundancy (causing long turnaround times to restore lost or corrupted files) and an email server with no antivirus software. In regards to software there has also been no thought for compatibility for operating systems and updating to allow better use of network services.

To understand how this has affected the company we have performed a cost analysis of how much it is costing the company for the amount of network downtime we have experienced in the past year. Given the annual revenue, number of employees, time required to replace lost data, how many man hours are lost to network outages, and so forth.

From this analysis we found that it can cost our company $427,100 a year in lost work, sales, and revenue. From this number alone we can see why layoffs recently happened and for the potential of further layoffs. As an IT department we are striving to make changes to reduce this figure and become a staple to the business.

The first change we will make in our IT infrastructure, which is also the least expensive, is to replace all hubs on the network with switches. This simple change will allow for an immediate decrease in network communication problems. In general network hubs send all transmissions to all nodes that connect to the device. These network broadcasts produce many network bottlenecks, data collusions, and a general lag of getting information over the network. By upgrading to switches we are able to better manage network resources as only relevant data is sent to that set of network nodes. Also switches can bring a new layer of network security by assigning MAC addresses to certain ports.

Next we propose to make the much needed purchase of a new file server. The current server in place is over eight years old with no RAID and poor quality hard drives.

The power supplies have been constantly replaced with low voltage supplies with no redundancy. To make matters worse the backup solution was just copying files to multiple hard drives with no backup strategy. It is from these poor decisions and policies that have caused the problems with server availability and poor response time. The IT department was at a loss on where to find files and a low desire to complete file restoration requests.

To correct this problem we have proposed to purchase a new file server which will include: multiple green power supplies, high processing process and memory, 2 TB of hard drive space with RAID 5, with VMware software management for future network scalability. This file server will also be able to grow with the network and as such we also propose a new files system to match the business architecture structure, with similar network file permissions.

With these changes, users will have easy access to their own division files and centralize data to specific areas for file management. With data arrays and RAID implemented we can ensure that server availability will always maintain a high 99% uptime.

This gives us a goal to reach for as well as future goals of 99.8 percent uptime for the year. Using already existing resources we will also include an incremental backup strategy with full backups performed on Sunday evenings. Along with a backup strategy we will be using an offsite location to store data backup tapes as a start for a disaster recovery strategy. W e hope to start phasing in this new technology within the next two weeks with the new file server becoming fully implemented in one month’s time.

For the next six months we plan at looking to upgrade the exchange server as well as set a minimum for employee computers that will handle current network requirements. It is our hope to properly look into all IT purchases with TCO in mind so all network equipment fits into our IT business strategy. In one year’s time our goal is to have all network infrastructures in place to meet all business strategies with future goals in mind and ready for implementation. For it is only through proper planning, a strong IT department, proper working network resource, and skilled employees that we can meet and exceed IT expectations.


To be systematic and more specifically to be chronological in the company’s undertaking and goals pursuance, an IT oriented company like XYZ has to be principled and foresee the probable loopholes that might set it to an enormous drawback. Apart from providing for adequate employee appraisal and motivation strategies, the rates of workers’ layoff ought to be reduced by a big percentage so as to achieve the require networking results in the shortest time possible and at the minimum costs.

This would include such practice by the management as increase remunerations, performance-based appraisals and higher overtime compensation rates. Use of modern tools and equipment in the networking framework such as stronger capacity hubs at the switches seemed to remedy the network downtimes.

Moreover, this will boost the company’s efforts in managing the network resources effectively. Since the degree of responsiveness of the network was discouraging budgeting for new file servers and MAC addresses were resolved to be perfect solution. In networking, increased storages are a prerequisite. Therefore, XYZ Company opted for utilizing Redundancy Array of Independent Disks (RAID) which would play a pivotal role in storing the same data components in various locations within the main network storage.

Besides, RAIDs ensure that in case of accidental data erasure, the company does not loss all its important business transactional information since its backup is protected and assured. In any organization, the necessary tools of regard may be adequately provided and still the company fails to achieve its prospects or else only manage to accomplish them partially. The management must learn to create a conducive working environment and been very keen to meet its employees’ needs. This practice will not only motivate them but also make them own the business and embrace being associated with it.

Moreover, management’s decision to retrench employees only pulls behind the company’s goal achievement efforts. Therefore, company’s management ought to create a good relationship with its employees and always provide for professional ways of solving their conflict so as to ensure business continuity.


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