Informative outline

8 August 2016

On-Line Dating Outline Informative Speech Topic: On –Line Dating General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the history and three major aspects of on-line dating. Thesis Statement: There are some key facts and background data to online dating with its history of negative and positive outcomes, and the steps you could take to date safety and effectively. Introduction Hello, everyone. Let’s talk fun! Let’s talk on-line dating! Now, most of us are familiar with the concept of on-line dating. On-line dating originates from the mid 1990’s and its popularity has been increasing in recent years.

Some of us remember the popular Tom Hanks movie “You’ve Got Mail” in 1998 and with its release on-line dating started to gain full speed. But, did you know that the first matrimonial service was created in a form of newspaper ads in 1700, just shortly after appearance of the first newspaper? That’s according to the article History of On-Line Dating, of course, I found on line.

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Living in technologically inclined society, I am certain that some of us listening to the beginning of this presentation are probably already thinking: “What else is there to know about on-line dating?!

But did you know that according to just cited article, “in 2007 Americans alone spent over $500 000 000 on online dating”? Apparently, for less than a decade on-line dating has not only become highly popular, but it has transformed into industry. Popular on-line dating websites are more than few. Among popular on-line dating websites are Match. com, EHarmony. com, Singles Net. com ,Ok Cupid and so on. In fact the on-line dating websites are so many in present days that there is a fun fact about Match. com founder Gary Kreman.

In 2011 The Week magazine reported that his girlfriend “dumped” him for someone she found on-line, on Match. com in particular. But let’s not be fooled. With its positive and negative effects, on-line dating could raise some safety issue among the participants. We hope to share with the class the information we prepared and researched and bring light and underline the major impacts of on-line dating. (Transition: Let’s begin with presenting some interesting and hopefully useful facts about on-line dating and examine some of the background information available. I.

Historical Facts and Backrounds of Online Dating A. Where did online dating originate? 1. Online dating, to some capacity, has been in existence since the beginning of the internet (“Brainz. org,” 2011). 2. Bulletin board services and newsgroups were the first of its kind before more current ways of online dating like websites and forums took its place (“Brainz. org,” 2011). 3. Kiss. com and Match. com; created by the same person in 1994 and 1995 respectively, were the first websites run with the goal of connecting men and women with common interests and beliefs (“Brainz. org,” 2011). B.

Why the sudden rise in popularity? 1. The stigma of online dating began to fade when people realized that it was difficult to meet a potential mate after college. There was a lot less socialization in everyday life from this point forward (Finkel, Eastwick, Karney, Reis & Sprecher, 2012). 2. These dating websites give people the ability to sort and file through potential mates at the click of a button. Search metrics may include things like lifestyle choices, religion, whether the person drinks alcohol or smokes cigarettes and the desire for children; among other things. C. What are the top dating websites?

Match. com (35 million), PlentyofFish (20 million) and Zoosk (11. 5 million) are the top three dating websites in existence as of November 2013 (“Ebizmba,” 2013). Each of these websites gets millions of unique monthly visitors. (Transition : With the knowledge of how internet dating came about , we also must learn the disadvantages . ) II. Disadvantages of online dating A. The shopping mentality 1. Having so many options you don’t really realize what you’re looking for. a. Too many options make its tedious for people to actually put an effort in searching for their match .b. If something tends to go wrong, little or no effort to fix the issue will be shown because you then have the option to look for something new. B) Damage to Your Reputation 1. Any information posted by you will remain online for a long time and is easy for anyone to find, misuse and distort a. Any Pictures you post that may be provocative can always come up at anytime. C)Deceptions 1. People have all the ability to misinform any details they are willing to share. a. This includes but is not limited to age , sex , martial status and even financial status.

Transition :Although there are all these disadvantages there are also safe and effective ways to online dating. ) III. Positive aspects of online dating A. How is online dating convenient? 1. You don’t have to leave your house to get a date or go to the bar a. When you go to bars, it’s too loud, too many drunk people and it’s hard to meet someone you can have a conversation with. b. You save money, for example, in a real date you spend money on gas, meal for two, movie tickets or even a new outfit.

Online dating is faster a. There’s no need to wait for a friend to introduce you to someone new. b. There are a lot more people online and you can chooses who to email or who to respond. B. Most people online look for a serious relationship 1. According to the study of NY Daily News one-third of married couples in U. S meet online. a. “Online dating is great. It allows people access to potential partners they otherwise would not have,” says Eli J. Finkel, Ph. D. , (article found in CNN. com) b.

You can find people who are truly looking for love and even want to get marry and have a family. For example, my boyfriend’s sister met her current fiancee online. They now live together and have a beautiful new born. 3. Websites help to match your interests a. On the websites you can search for people who have the same hobbies, live near you, same religion and different races. IV. On and Offline tips and guidelines A. Online Tips 1. Protect finances a. don’t give any money information. ( some site might request money) 2. Guard personnel informationb. full name, phone number, email and address. c. someone such as a predator could find you 3. suspicious users a. people asking for money and donations. b. minors, and married couples c. spam and invites to call 1-900.

B. Offline Tips 1. Always meet in public places a. go to populated places b. never meet in private and remote places 2. Tell a friend a. inform a friend or a family member where you are going and where they can find you. You should also tell them a time you should be home by. Also you should call them once you are home.3. Stay sober a. keeps mind clear b. avoid doing anything that could and would impair your judgement. Online dating has brought great opportunities to many in such a short time. One of the major reasons online dating has become so popular is that it saves people time . It also gives people the opportunity for those who have given up the hope in finding a significant other in social environments. Some of the best websites that have made this so easy and have shown a great rate of relationships and marriages from using them are , PlentyofFish and Zoosk . Popularity from these websites gives people a great amount of trust in searching for their significant other. As we see there are some negative aspects to online dating such as deceptions and the damage of reputations and others are positive like not having to waste time and money with people that don’t have the same interest or values as you do. If you follow the tips to date online you would protect yourself by guard personal information and meet in public places in case that person doesn’t have any good intentions.

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