Informative Speech

10 October 2016

If not, I will start my speech with a Chinese idiom. II. Thesis/Subject: According to an idiom in the idiom dictionary, it reflects that a misfortune may turn into something positive while good luck may lead to a misfortune. III. Relevance to audience/Reason audience should listen: Everyone’s life has good or bad time. For good times, we feel complacent, but for bad times, we feel upset. Therefore, our emotion change all the time. IV. Speaker Credibility: I will use my own experiences, stories, and be prepared and show my confidence. V.

Preview (Main Ideas/ Points): Even if a simple idiom, it contains a meaningful thought about our personal life. Transition: Now, I want to show my own stories to apply the idiom. Body I. Main Point #1 I will show my own experiences applied to the idiom. A. I got really poor score on my Accounting quiz, this is not the end of the world, because I can learn from my mistakes on the quiz and get it right on the exam.

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B. I won a prize in a lottery, but I lost my purse on the way back home. Transition: Next, I want to show how this idiom affects my friends. II. Main Point #2 I will show my friends also have many ideas about this idiom.

A. My roommate broke up with her boy friend; however, she worked harder than before and transferred to another college that was better than now. B. My friend who cheating on his economic exam got a high score, but his professor deemed him as dishonesty. Transition: Finally, these examples from my friends and me are the application of idiom. Conclusion I. Summary: This idiom makes my life become easier, and it helps me to get rid of some stressful and disappointed times. II. Creative closing thought or memorable conclusion: One part of the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”. References in APA Format

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