Informative Speech

1 January 2018

Jackie Robinson and countless more.

Another black innovator was Larry Dobby. He was the second black player to play in the Major Leagues and the first to do so in the American Leagues. Establish Speaker: I’ve done extensive research on my famous black person and have become knowledgeable about him. Believe that at the end of my speech you to will know more about Larry Dobby. Thesis Statement: Larry Dobby was one of the reasons why African Americans can play in the MIL. Preview of the main point: If it wasn’t for Larry Dobby and Jackie Robinson blacks wouldn’t be allowed to play in the MIL. Body:Transition: Larry came from along way to get to his success.

….. L. Larry was born in Camden, South Carolina and was raised in Paterson, New Jersey.

Transition: If it wasn’t for Jackie Robinson and Larry Dobby today African Americans wouldn’t be able to play professional baseball…. II. Larry Dobby was the 2nd African American to play in the Major Leagues..

… A. Larry didn’t get the recognition that he was due. 1. His white counter parts did not want to relive the drama that they experience with given Jackie his recognition.

…. 2. He was a better athlete than his white team mates..

….Transition: No matter what Larry went thru he still found a way to be on top of his game…

. Ill. Larry was the 1st African American to play and to hit a home run in the American League…. A.

Larry made a big name for him self while being under the shadow of Jackie Robinson…… 1.

Larry was the 1st African American to hit a home run in the world series and the 1 SST African American to be on a championship team…… 2.

Larry finished his career with 1,515 hits, 253 home runs, 970 RIB’S, and a batting average of .

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