Informative Speech Evolution of Video Games

7 July 2016

Do you wish you could escape the world sometimes? Free your mind of all thoughts on reality and just get away. Well lucky for you, there is one way you can do this. It’s been around since the 1970s and it’s the wonderful world of video games. Ever since then technology has grown incredibly now making a fun hobby out of it that people can really enjoy. I myself have made it a hobby and try to keep up with all the latest devolvement’s in the gaming world. Some of my fondest memories are from when I was about 4 years old and I would wake up and go play Mario with my grandpa on my old Nintendo 64. Today I’m going to explain the past of video gaming, where we are today and what is to come of the video games in the future so you can create a sense of appreciation and maybe make it a hobby for yourself. I will start with how video games got started and how they have advanced over the past years. The evolution of video games has been an amazing journey.

Transition-First we will start off video games created between 1970 and 2000.

Informative Speech Evolution of Video Games Essay Example

FIRST MAIN POINT We have come a long way since video games first became popular in the 1970s. Arcade Games kick started the revolution making it hard not to find one of these anywhere you went, Development for home video game consoles began. In 1975 Atari released home pong which became a smash hit and brought massive attention to the gaming industry. Other companies like Mattel and Intellivision tried to compete and came up with their own style of home consoles, but once Atari released Atari 2600 with a game called “space invaders”, it dominated the market. Now introducing the 1980s or “The Golden Age of Video Gaming”. It is in this era that Nintendo came out with the first Mario brothers game and Sega released the Sega genesis. It was a ground-breaking time for video games, making them more popular than ever. The 1990s became even more advanced. From 1990 to 1998 Sonic the Hedgehog became popular, Super Nintendo, the Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation and Nintendo 64 were all released. Moving forward video games have now met amazing heights. SECOND MAIN POINT

Transition- Next we will talk about current consoles and how they differ from their previous models. Consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3 allow you to play game online through an internet connection so you can talk and play with people all over the world. Attachments like Xbox’s Kinect and PlayStation’s Move that will actually sense your body and act as the controller. Handheld games like the Nintendo DS and Sony’s PSP have devolved greatly and now offer touchscreens with hi-definition gaming all in the palm of your hand. Gearlog , a writer on said Nintendo revolutionized hand-held gaming when it incorporated a second screen impacting mechanic for how future games would be developed. Computer gaming has also reached amazing levels. Games like World of Warcraft or virtual worlds like Second Life are never endings and allow a person to build up their character as long as they please., never reaching a final level or an ending point.

Transition- Next we will talk about current consoles and how they differ from their previous models. THIRD MAIN POINT Looking to the future of the world of video games is only going to get better. The development of handheld consoles like the for mentioned DS and PSP are also going to be capable of playing online though any Wi-Fi or 4G connection allowing the player to interact with people all over the world on-the-go. Now virtual retinal display might just be the revolutionary way to end the making of the consoles altogether. Michael Anissimov said on that a virtual retinal display is a head mounted display system that projects an image directly on the human retina with low energy lasers or LCD. Virtual Reality devices are also making a comeback and will be more used in the future. The Oculus Rift is a prototype head mounted virtual reality display that can feature 3D quality gameplay. According to Michael Poh of he has seen the evolution of video games in terms of its graphical quality, so much so that one would have difficulty differentiating a video game from a real-life scene today. Transition- As you can see the evolution of video games has been astonishing, CONCLUSION

They have come a long way since the first Atari was released, introducing us to the industry of gaming. With today’s technology and advancements, playing video games is more fun than ever. It is a good hobby to have to get your mind off of reality and dive into some adventure. Furthermore even beginning to think about how the gaming industry will be changing in the future is mind blowing. Unprescendented things are going to happen for the gaming world, there is no doubt that video games will continue to get better year after year. After hearing about the impressive growth of video games, I hope I have your mind wandering. For gamers like me, playing is an escape, an adventure the real world cannot give us. For those of us who can’t ski down the steepest slope, fight off a zombie invasion, or play in the NFL. Video games give us a chance to experience these kinds of things for ourselves. You won’t want to miss out on how our gaming technology will be changing in the future. It is definitely one of the most captivating industries in the whole world.

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