Informative Speech

9 September 2016

Once the push bar of the scooter-like contraption was broken off, skateboarding was born. No one really know who invented the first skateboard because at the time in the 1950s a lot of people had the same idea and a lot of people were coming out with their own versions of a skateboard. Know a day’s there are a lot of different types of skateboards there is the regular short board it has a concave body style they use them to do difficult tricks and you see a lot of people doing stunts on them.

Then there is the long board its another version of a skateboard and its longer they give you the feeling of gliding like your surfing their basically surf boards on wheels that you can use on land and then we also have what we call the slalom boards those are what a lot of racers use they can go up to 30 and 40 m/h and then their is electric boards their battery based so if you don’t want to push or do anything but steer the skateboard you have that option know.

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Ever since skateboarding was invented it has been through a lot of ups and downs in the beginning it was a huge success until about 1965 a slew of so-called safety experts pronounced skateboarding unsafe because of its rough body style and the fact they used clay for the wheels so there were a lot of accidents then in 1973 the urethane wheel was invented revolutionizing the sport.

The new wheels provided much better traction and speed and, combined with the new skateboard specific trucks; it allowed skaters to push the difficulty of maneuvers to new levels. Tricks at this time consisted of surfing maneuvers done on flat ground or on banks. Then in 1976 Alan Gelfand, nicknamed “Ollie”, was the one who invented the Ollie an Ollie consist of a gentle rising of the nose and scooping motion to keep the board with the feet.

The purpose and functionality of a skateboard at first it was used for recreational uses and fun but know with the high gas prizes a lot of people are using them for close proximity transportation and you can actually work as a professional skater. Today a pro can make anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 a month. These earning are based on winnings, depending on how well a skater places in any given competition and how many competitions a skater competes. I hope this speech has informed you about the history and variations of skateboards as well as its functionality and purposes.

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