Informed Consent & Dental Treatment

4 April 2015
Three legal standards for medical care, child patients, liability, court decisions, risk disclosure and written consent.

Informed Consent and Dental Treatment
This paper will discuss the issue of informed consent in the area of dentistry. The first part of the paper will discuss the standards used to define informed consent. The second part of the paper will examine what information is considered material and therefore necessary for disclosure. The third part of the paper will look at the unique problems presented by child patients. The fourth part will discuss the issue of implied consent. The last part will discuss some of the specific information which must be disclosed.

Informed Consent & Dental Treatment Essay Example

Informed consent in dental treatment is identical to that in other types of medical treatment. The general rule in all cases involving medical treatment is that the prior consent of the patient is required in order for a physician to provide such treatment.

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