Ingredients for a Love Story

10 October 2016

Love stories evoke some of the most powerful emotions from readers. Love is an emotion that cannot be explained in a deterministic equation. Great love stories  are works that make the reader experience something that resonates with what people desire in life. Love stories remind the readers that love is something so powerful that it is worth sacrificing for. Great love stories describe what it feels like to be alone, what it feels like to meet the person who can change your life. At the end of the day, love is something worth sacrifice.

Love stories show that hope can be found in an otherwise hopeless world or situation. I believe that love between two people is fundamentally a beautiful thing. Characters:  In a great love story, most people will in some way be able to relate to one of the main characters in the story. This separates a personal account from one that describes the human condition.

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Ingredients for a Love Story
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Characters that are somewhat flawed, but otherwise good people are a great way to win over an audience. Conflict:  No great love story is described without conflict.

The conflict must not be overwhelming that it overtakes the importance of the story. Too much conflict turns the story into a something that is situational driven and plot driven as opposed to character driven. Sacrifice: Nobody should be able to have it all in life. Why? People cannot relate to perfection because people are flawed. The sacrifice in the story, while may be exaggerated from a literal perspective, should feel like something people have felt in there life from an emotional level.

This will draw the attention of the reader to feel what they felt in their life. Great love stories will describe the perfect sacrifice, with some mistakes included. Plot: A great love story is the perfect blend of plot and emotion. It is difficult to fully engage a reader without a plot. It’s almost impossible to build tension between characters if the plot is the main driving force of the story. Great love stories straddle the harmony between people and the events that happen to them.

Concluding Thoughts:  I’ve tried to describe what a great love story is in the abstract sense in this answer. For concrete examples of some great examples of some truly great love stories and what makes them great see Cristina Hartmann’s and Anon User’s answers to Literature: What are some of the great love stories in literary history? When they wake up on their wedding morning, Romeo is prepared to stay as long as Juliet wants, at the risk of his life. Juliet is prepared to risk dying from the potion in order to have a chance of living with Romeo.

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