Injuries of the Lower Extremities in the Military

4 April 2015
This is a paper which compares male and female soldiers and how their bodies react to training.

This paper looks at the rigorous training that male and female soldiers go through, and the affect it has on their bodies. The different types of injuries are presented, and then reviewed and analyzed. The author presents solutions to some of the more common types of injuries, and suggests ways to avoid these types of injuries in the future.

From the paper:

“Based on research, the clear anatomical differences, i.e. height, weight, and build between males and females lead to problems concerning uniformity that is stressed in the military. For instance, the 30-inch step prescribed by the military in marching is a prime example. Marching is based on male height and average 30-inch step, but for a woman?s shorter height and leg length, it is an over exaggerated step. For a woman to accomplish a greater push off is necessary, as well as a harder heel strike.

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Furthermore, the uniformity of equipment poses a problem for female soldiers. For instance, ?Women?s boots use the same last as men?s boots and are less likely to provide good heel stability for women.”

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