Inner Beauty

4 April 2015
An exploration of Jane Eyre’s life as a search for value in her inner beauty.

This essay details the struggle for recognition of inner beauty over outer beauty as seen in ?Jane Eyre?. The author discusses how Jane?s life is a stage for her education and the building of character and value that goes against the traditional notions of beauty. At each of her homes she gains confidence and strength, challenging societal views of beauty and is rewarded with her marriage to a man who respects her for who she is.
From the paper:

?The notion of beauty, what it is and whether it is an inner or outward quality, has been long debated. For centuries people, and particularly women, have struggled with the concept of their own inner beauty as something as important, if not more important than their outward, physical beauty. This is no less true in literature. The idea of female inner beauty has not always been valued. In Charlotte Bronte?s ?Jane Eyre?, the protagonist, Jane, rejects her own outer beauty in favour of nurturing her intellect, her humility and those other inner qualities that she herself views as beautiful. She respects her wisdom and philosophy before any of her physical attributes, partly because of her need as a child to read; partly from the lessons she is taught.?

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