Me (Richard Reed) and my 2 friends (Adam Balon,Jonathan Wrlghtl we have bullt a prosperous and fast-growing business, based on our beliefs of provldlng healthier and natural food – pure fruit smoothie drinks to the community, in a sustainable way by lowering down our company’s and all stakeholders’ impact in the environment and by bridging the gaps all over the world, taking in consideration social and environmental causes. Since our company has grown very fast, we want to maintain the company’s expansion based in our values, as we have done till now, taking also In consideration he actual and the arising competitors.

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We believe that our key points to surpass our competitors are our values. To support our growth and expansion to new markets, we have made a risky alliance with McDonalds. It had an Initial negative Impact that we have successfully overcome. Our products are now In the supermarkets, groceries and Independent stores in the UK furthermore we are expanding to Europe having already established offices in 5 strategic European cities. This fact shows that we cannot quit on the first barrier there are always alternatives. So, selling Innocent is not an option.

We are In a constant process of providing learning and, implementing our culture, to our employees through our academy. This will support our expansion plan according to our values. Having more high qualified employees supporting and spreading our values, the lesser risks we will be exposed to and also the easier will be to let know people that we are not only selling healthier smoothies but we are supporting different charitable projects according to our social responsibility and sustainability. This is a strong message that has shown its proof of great positive impact in the ocial media.

An option to find compatible partner’s so that we can dilute our risks, mainly In Europe, is very interesting and could be implemented after an evaluation. Our products’ quality has been proved, not only by the public’s acceptance but also by the different awards gained through the years. Our products’ variety has increased and it helped In gainingeven more market share. So, we are very well positioned In the market. We are not afraid of the competition even If their prices are lower. Of course we will continue monitoring the markets behaviour.

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Our marketing department is improving the different channels of advertising. We keep close attention toour competitors’ marketing campaigns. PepsiCo might have more funds for advertising but their possible effective impact will be only in the markets that Innocent hasnt established Its products or In recent markets. These 2 success in the new countries. Besides all these different factors, our products are made of recycled materials and Tetrapak which represents differentiation and are also very well designed in terms of bottling and labelling showing superiority comparing to our competition.

The messages written in the labels regarding our values of sustainability and environmental awareness transmits our intended idea of making the world a better place to live and our consumers get the feeling that actually buying our products that are contributing to our cause. This concept is very powerful and straights our commitment with the consumers and vice-versa. In conclusion, considering all the facts and their impacts stated above selling Innocent is not an option, we will work in order to overcome the future challenges and learn even more with our development and competitors’ actions.

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