Inscriptions on a Stone Throne

2 February 2017

Throne Inscribed on the side of Axum’s throne states the tale of how the Axumite Empire conquered the surrounding lands. This inscription is in honor of the Greek god, Ares; the god of warfare and slaughter. Axum honors Ares by in detail describing how they went from village to village conquering them. Axum went into detail describing his army’s forceful ways of attacking the tribes, whether it was bombarding or blockading Axum was always successful.

Axum’s devotion to praising the gods who blessed him with his empire goes to show Dr.Browns message of how people tie together the beliefs of life, natural, and the spiritual world. Axum believes in the Greek gods and therefore gives credit to them for his successful warfare.

Inscriptions on a Stone Throne Essay Example

Axum does not take credit of his own or for his army but gives it to the gods; showing his true devotion. Also, he consecrates his throne in the name of Ares to show his deep gratitude. This article shows a lot about the Axumite Empire. From the descriptions of the lands they conquered, shows there location. It also shows what kind of people they are, by there determination and ways of being able to fight in any climate (i. . the mountain snows, the desert valley.

All of this proves what a good leader Axum must be for his people to follow him and fight for him. Also his location and deep beliefs in the Greek gods show how one cultures ways can get moved around the world through warfare. Axum was not in Greece but lived in land that was once part of a Grecian empire to have spread the beliefs of the Greek gods. Also, by Axum spreading his empire he was spreading the culture of his people and also of the Greek descents.

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