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Enough with looking up how to write the perfect college essay. Enough with grandiose exertions regarding how people learn about poverty on a $9,000 trip to Africa. How can I show that I am different from the thousands of other applicants who appear identical to me in the computer – using writing as a medium in which people show the human being behind the numbers?
The suave nuances of a smoky cafe; the perfect realm to harness my autodidacticism (I employ this word quite frequently – much to the chagrin of my fellow listeners). If it is not the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition, then most likely I am submersing myself into a coagulation of extrapolated facts provided by the vastest information source we have – the internet. I find it requisite to teach myself anything in which I find a spontaneous interest. Whether it’s piano, fianchettos in chess, quantum electrodynamics, fishing, iambic pentameter, and everything sandwiched between – educating myself is a vital notion. Without knowledge there is nothing one can truly appreciate given their unqualified ignorance. When I teach myself something, I find it easier to remember; I also have a depth of understanding that I would not obtain otherwise. Also, it gives me a satisfaction that I accomplished a task independently. Freedom from dependence on others is a trait that I cherish. When addressing my self-learning it is important to not limit myself to school subjects. I make an effort to harbor my teaching skills on a diverse number of subjects. If I do not educate myself on β€œindiscriminate” subjects then I cannot gain knowledge that is beyond the strictures of my innate curiosity base. In other words, I will not expand my knowledge diversity if I only study what I think I am interested in – nobody can know all of their inherent interests. I know higher education will not only harbor my intrinsic abilities but will also develop them.

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