Inspiration At Its’ Best

11 November 2018

Before tenth grade it seemed like everyday I dealt with a new issue, whether formed in my household or in school.Nothing ever seemed to go right.In tenth grade I met this guy named Briggs.I did not know much about him nor his story.On a Thursday, Briggs slowly started to approach me, while glaring into my eyes.He then was standing right in front of me.Briggs then looked up to me and stuck his hand out.“Hi, my name is Briggs.What is your name?”I paused for a second.“Chris, nice to meet you.”Briggs and I started hanging out with each other and begun to grow closer.A few weeks passed of growing closer, Briggs and I then soon realized we would be best friends until the day we die, this then resulted in us sharing about our issues and difficulties.One day Briggs just came out and said, very hesitantly.“Chris I have a severe immune deficiency.Its where I have no immune system, unlike you.I can get severely sick really easy.”Briggs paused…“My brother, Tyler, passed away from it also.”I then thought to myself…“”I’m going to sound stupid if I tell him what I’m dealing with, and I take my siblings for granted.What am I thinking…?”“Briggs”, I said.“I love you.You are a warrior and have fought like nobodys business.I love you.”At the end of last school year, as far as I can remember the doctors admitted him in and out of Cooks Childrens Hospital, it seemed every other day, to give blood test, chemo, and other test done on him.Doctors continued to look for a bone marrow donor for well over a year.On Wednesday, August 26, 2014 Briggs became very ill and the doctors did not think him living through the night is a possibility.Everyone had gone up to the hospital, talked to him, as well as prayed for him.The next couple days, after seeing him and praying for him, he suddenly started to do much better.For instance, moving his legs, mouthing words, and moving his arms.Briggs inspired me in so many different ways.When I saw him on that Wednesday night, I had so many emotional tears rolling down my face.Seeing him in so much pain made me absolutely distraught, but it showed me how strong he was.Briggs fought to lead a normal life just like the rest of us.It showed me to never give up on anything, no matter what the situation might be, but he is going through a lot more pain than anyone could possibly imagine just to see the light at the end of HIS tunnel.This made me realize that my problems are not as big as his are and nor will they ever be.Briggs showed not only me, but everyone else that was there that night that he is not only a fighter but he is an almighty warrior with a will to fight against anything that steps in front of him with a personality and heart bigger than life itself.

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