Inspiration in my life

7 July 2016

In life people have that one special person that inspired them the most throughout their life. In my life my mother has definitely been a huge inspiration. As a single mother she manage to find ways to take care of two kids, put food on the table, and get us everything we needed. In so many ways my mother has inspired me. When times got rough my mother was always there for me encouraging me to never give up and to stay focus. No matter what I did she was always there encouraging and supporting me.

During sporting events she was there at every game being my number one fan yelling and cheering from the stands. My mom was a great motivator and always tried to keep me happy after a win or lost she would come up to me and give me with a hug with a huge smile on her face and she would tell me that I played a great game. As a kid my mother would always encourage me to be leader not a follower and to make my own decisions and do not let people make them for you. My mother is my role model because of her heart and her determination to becoming successful even when times get rough she still continue to strive.

When people at their worst she finds anyway possible to help them. With determination and perservance she showed me anyone can accomplish anything. Even as a single mother with two kid she managed to work, own a clothing store, go to school and graduate with a degree, and also manage to go back to school to work on getting her second degree by taking online classes. My mother helps me live through all of my struggles. She is a diligent and determined mother who has led me down the right path.

She has taught me the most important thing in life is to never give up on your dreams and that I could be whatever I want as long as I put my mind to it. Every day I thank her faithfully for helping me become the person I am today. My mother has been there for me and has inspired me in so many ways. Even though we may fight I’m blessed to have her still in my life. I advise one to cherish every moment that they spend with their parents while they can because once their gone you’re on your own there’s no one else that’s going to be another parent to you like they were.

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