Inspirational Eyes

5 May 2019

“I need to find someone who can help me with my initiative in my civil club this year.” – My friend told me during lunch at school. I don’t know why but I involuntarily opened my mouth and told her that I could be the one who would help her, although I did not know anything what she was talking about.

Later that day my friend explained that she as a member of an organization called “PH International. She was the leader of her school’s club. They aimed to find different kinds of problems in their community and solve them with the help of this organization. Her club’s final initiative would be to help orphanage children and give them one very special day. This idea seemed interesting to me but I still did not realize what I would do.

Inspirational Eyes Essay Example

Finally, the special day came. It was a cold, brisk morning when the club members went to the orphanage house. The bus stopped, I came out and froze on one spot by amazement. In front of me stood grey, huge building with black letters on it: “ORPHANAGE HOUSE”. Building and inscription looked old. Someone would think that it was about to be destroyed. In the yard, which looked like an uninhabited forest, I saw one broken swing. I whispered: “Is this nightmare or reality?” Didn’t even want to imagine what the inside of the building would look like. Since I had already come this far, I needed to continue. I opened the door of the building, which looked like it was rarely opened. Quickly, I walked down a dark hall of the building, and entered a small room. I immediately felt terrible reality of the room, and froze the second times. What I could see was lots of small tables and beds, one little heater, and two lamps. Then my eyes caught the little girls and boys who were sitting aroid the table. Their faces expressed unbelievable sadness and despair. All of them had short cut hair, and wore dirty, wrapped clothes. Then I stared at their hands in which I saw hands and legs broken dolls and damaged, small cars. I do not know how I held back the tears that were about to come out.

My friend had planned lots of funny activities for the children. First of all, we played games to introduce each other, and set up a little art lesson for the children. It felt wonderful, to watch their faces changed slowly from melancholy to happiness. Their art works were hung on the walls, with pride. From the beginning, I was as shy as the orphan kids, but after several minutes, I found myself involve in every activity with enthusiasm. After art lesson, all of us enjoyed a big dinner. We brought for them lots of tasty food, even sweets that they had never tasted before. It amazed me to watch how their character had changed in only a half day. At the end of the day we made a small sporting competition in track. The kids were doing their best, and this awoke a gladness in their souls. We gave them lots of clothes, toys books, and food. It felt wonderful during watching their happy, smiling faces. It seemed that one day changed something in their soul, one day gave them that happiness that they had been waiting for, for very long…

When we were on the bus ride back home, I was astonished that one day could not only change their souls but my life and goals too. On that day I was more proud of myself than ever. Being the happiest person in the world, I felt the love of those kids inside of me. Glad eyes forever imprinted in my brain, gave me power to think about changing their future. What I told to myself was: “I will make them happy not only for a day but forever!”
The very next day I started searching information about “PH International”. After several weeks I created my own civil club. We started planning different initiatives: helped old people in elderly houses, made several presentations to schools and universities about that kind of people, who needed help. We wanted to increase the level of inform in the society.

At last, what I achieved with my civil club was changing living conditions of the orphanage children. Having meeting with the representatives of government about them in different places, we wanted to spread information on how to help. The more people we informed, the more people that could help.

At last, I reached my coal. Orphanage kids moved into new building. They had new professional teachers, who were taking care of them. Important for me was to reach my goal: to make them happy forever, and I did it!
I will never forget the eyes of children that I saw on that day, and they will always be my biggest inspiration.

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