Inspirational Speech for school elections

1 January 2018

Have you chosen me for no reason? Of course not. We insider giving our precious vote only to those chosen few whom we lay full trust on. Your votes stood by my side throughout this campaign. I thank each one of you integrally for that.

I feel fully for all my worthy opponents who made this election what it was. One filled with suspense and Jitteriness right till this day. Thank you so much for being competition. This day will be written down in the books of our school for it received yet another new bunch of student leaders for the budding academic year, the head of which I am.Your strong support and blissful benevolence have resulted in this. I know I can take this very well. I know we can work towards a better school experience.

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I know I can see that smile on two thousand faces the day I graduate and say goodbye to you all. The only thing we need to do, is go hand-in- hand each step of this treacherous path. It is time for me and the entire team to toil like slaves for a brighter tomorrow. I have everything in mind and so do you about the reforms within your heart that you genuinely want to see coming out.You all have known me from my primary years and the development and positive change of phase is all attributed to my loving teachers who have helped me reach as high as he stars The feeling that gushes down my spine as I hear the loud roar and the ecstatic expressions on all your faces is what gives me courage to go that tad bit further. Our road ahead is foggy. But we must not budge from our purpose.

We must work towards a goal, work with passion, and work without thinking of the reward. Hard work is in our hands, the rest…Our future is uncertain, but shaping it is definitely certain and I convincingly believe that we are on our way to changing the normal and getting on to something more rewarding. We must come to terms about the fact that we hold the virtue to turn the tables to our benefit. You guys out there have already proved how every vote counts into the making of a great leader.

It is now an obligation for this captain to make sure that all passengers safely reach the harbor. To move ahead, you need a vision. To move ahead, you must have capacity.To move ahead, you must have the vibrancy and enthusiasm that lights everyone else around you. These capabilities have been recognized in me and I will prove them and your choice to be cent per cent right. My dream and desire is to make this school pristine as Gold and for that, I need to be as industrious an ant for the next whole ear. Till when will we be stranded at the same stagnant spot? It is now time to rise above the high tides.

We will not relax. We will strive and continually move to a resplendent outcome. You all have given me command.I will not let go of it. It is only for the destined few. We have to break all records, we have to strain for more holistic education, we have to not give up. Can the student body be capable enough? No doubts about that.

We have seen great School Captains before…. It is we who have to work willingly for ourselves. It is we who have to discreetly and prudently toil for best results. The scenic school and the fragrance of freshness as we enter this paradise is something that delivers immense and intense feelings for the only school that I have been to.

Your altruistic adherence and undying loyalty are the sole factors for me being present here in front of you all. On this occasion of merriment and honor, I hereby make a crucial pledge. Dear teachers and my very own friends, as the new School Captain of this school, I pledge to always support the right thing and also promise to be available to anyone, anytime for anything that concerns our school or its benefit for that matter. As we plunge into this new century, I promise to upgrade the technological aspect of the school as well, so that the daily hassles and glitches can be done away with.I promise to be as busy as a beaver throughout only at your service. I am no more Shall Anodal, I am now your and this school’s slave. On that note, I bid adieu this podium and stage.

Enough said for today. Now time calls us to do much more in the days to come. Let me elucidate once again that I am here for each one of you since I owe my victory and this position to all of you as well. So dear all, cheers to a new beginning and hope for an even better end! Thanks and may God less all! (939 words) RATIONALE I have chosen a speech as my text type since it is very intense in its tone and content.A lot can be analyzed about a speech and therefore plentiful options of scrutiny are available on the palette. Speeches such as the one given after being triumphant in an election are always full of vigor and positive energy. This is the reason why I chose such a speech that related to the school I study in as well.

The written task directly relates to Part 1 of the course being studied. The audience of the speech that has been made by using literary techniques from other famous speeches is teachers and dents of a school.

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