Inspiring Entrepreneurs Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Filipinos do hold a genius for concern. judgment from informations from the Department of Trade and Industry. Harmonizing to the DTI. 99. 6 per centum of registered concerns in the Philippines are micro. little and average endeavors ( MSMEs ) and these provide 63. 2 per centum of entire occupations in the state. “Our Filipino entrepreneurs contribute so much to the country’s economic system and supply the support of most of our work force. This is why our micro. little and medium enterprisers need and merit all the support they can acquire. ” says Manny Aligada. Head of Corporate and SME Segments. Globe Business. Harmonizing to Aligada. Globe Business went through a batch of research in order to orient its solutions to the demands of the Filipino enterpriser. In the class of that research. the group discovered some traits and qualities that make Filipinos good enterprisers. Here are some of Globe Business’ penetrations into the character of the Filipino enterpriser. Practicality and common sense. The most successful Filipino enterprisers are non needfully those who have the best instruction. or have an impressive academic record. Some of them. in fact. ne’er even finished grade school.

So how come they are now successful business communities? “Filipino enterprisers have what we might name street-smarts and a great trade of common sense. They are practical minds. They make determinations based on what they know about human nature from experience. They are non merely able to come up with good merchandises but. more significantly. they know how to associate to their clients and give what their clients want. You truly can non larn such accomplishments from a book or in a schoolroom. “This is practical cognition that you gain by associating to existent clients and seeking your ain manus at a concern. In other words. enterprisers develop their street-smarts and sharpen their common sense through experience. They learn from both their successes and their errors. That’s what makes them effectual enterprisers. ” Aligada says. Filipino enterprisers are besides practical when it comes to money. They make certain that they get maximal net income for the lowest possible cost. Passionate about concern. When a Filipino enterpriser decides on what concern he will set up. normally it will be related to something he or she is passionate about. This passion drives him to larn everything possible about the merchandises or services he is offering to clients.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs Essay Sample Essay Example

The same passion besides gives the Filipino entrepreneur a strong committedness and engagement in his endeavor. “Filipino enterprisers are all in concern to gain for themselves and their households. However. the most successful 1s have the passion that fuels their heads. emotions and organic structures to do the concern grow. This passion reaches the point where the concern in no longer merely about the bottomline ; the concern itself brings fulfilment and felicity to the enterpriser. This proves that if one is passionate about one’s endeavor. so one will happen the resources to do it successful for its ain interest. ” says Aligada. Confident and autonomous. The Filipino enterpriser is ever hands-on and autonomous. When he is merely get downing out his concern. he is practically able to make everything involved in running it-from happening the best providers to leasing the topographic point of concern. to the selling. merchandising and client dealingss. and even accounting. All this would non be possible without the entrepreneur’s supreme assurance in himself or herself. Filipino entrepreneurs trust their ain judgement and their ain capacity to run their concerns.

They are able to take calculated or even make bolding. apparently unwise. hazards. They know that while they can acquire the best advice. the best research. finally. the success of the concern depends on their ain judgement. Hard-working and goal-oriented. No 1 can doubt how hardworking the Filipino enterpriser is. His engagement in his concern is about absolute. to the point that his personal clip for himself and his loved 1s is compromised. He is besides goal-oriented. and has the subject to put smaller ends that he will carry through in order to run into his concluding aim. A leader and an pioneer. The most successful Filipino enterprisers have first-class leading accomplishments. He is able to convert and act upon his employees and his clients positively. He is besides able to innovate-to come up with fresh solutions when a ambitious state of affairs arises. Value-oriented. Finally. the Filipino enterpriser has a set of values that guides him in making concern. The greatest value for a Filipino enterpriser is his household. “In general. a Filipino enterpriser. no affair how successful he has become. ne’er loses sight of why he is endeavoring to do his concern thrive and grow—he is making it for the wellbeing of his household. ” says Aligada.

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