Installation and Configuration of a Network Interface

2 February 2017

Most of the household’s networks use the star topology. A star network forms a central connection point called a “hub” that may be a hub, switch or router. Devices are mostly connected to the hub with Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Ethernet.

The Star topology requires more cable wire compared to ring network. Tree Topology: Tree topologies are kind of multiple star topologies together onto a bus. In its simplest form, only hub devices connect directly to the tree bus and each hub functions as the “root” of a tree of devices.This bus/star hybrid approach backs future expandability of the network much better than a bus or a star (limited by the number of hub connection points) alone. Mesh Topology: Mesh topologies involve the concepts and theories of routes. Unlike the previous topologies, messages sent on a mesh network can take many possible paths from source to destination. (Recall that even in a ring, although two cable paths exist, messages can only travel in one direction).

Installation and Configuration of a Network Interface Essay Example

It provides physical access to a networking medium and often provides a low-level addressing system through the use of MAC Address. Each network interface card has its unique id. This is written on a chip which is mounted on the card. Role of Software and Hardware: All computer systems consist of hardware and software. Both the hardware and the software are very important for the way in which the computer works. Problems that might occur within the working of computer hardware or software changes the way in which the computer works or functions .This is why it is very important for all to become aware of what our computer consists of and how its components operate so as to be able to overcome certain problems that might occur within the PC.

The hardware is considered the most important part within a computer because even the software is influenced by it. This is way it is very useful to know about the importance of computer hardware so as to become aware of the necessity of attaching good quality components for the PC so that it may function smoothly.A very important aspect to be taken in notice when describing about the importance of computer hardware is the great importance of the computer memory. All users have information about the random access memory (RAM) that deals with the way in which data is being stored within our computers. The random access memory is the most important element within computer systems. The main reason for this is because without the RAM it would be impossible for the systems to find important programs within its storage, programs that are used on regular basis as we use them every day. http://www.

warepin. om/importance-of-computer-hardware/ The factors influencing choice of networks stating advantages and disadvantages: A combination of two or more different topologies makes for a hybrid topology. When all the basic topologies are connected to one another, they do not display characteristics of any one specific topology. It becomes hybrid topologies with all this characteristics. It is chosen, when there are more than two basic working topologies in place already and these have to be connected to one another. When a star topology is connected to another star topology, it remains a star topology.Advantages of Hybrid Topology: ?One of the topmost advantages of hybrid topology is its flexibility.

The hybrid topology is designed, so that it can be implemented for various different network environments. Most probably it’s the combination of different configurations, due to which it works perfectly for different amounts of network rush. Adding other peripheral or external connections is easy, as the new nodes and/or peripherals can be connected into a topology and the said topology can be connected to the hybrid topology. As compared to most other topologies, this topology is reliable.It has better fault tolerance. Since, a number of different topologies are connected to one another, in case of breakdown, it becomes rather easier to leave out the different topologies connected to each other and find the problem with the hybrid topology. When a particular link in the network breaks down, it does not affect the working of others.

Any type of topology can be combined with another without making any changes to the existing topology. The speed of the topology is consistent, as it combines the strengths of each of the topologies.The most important advantage of this topology is that the weaknesses of the different topologies connected are neglected and only the strengths are taken into consideration. Although it makes for a very complicated topology, it is among the most effective and efficient ones. Disadvantage of Hybrid topology:- ?Since different topologies come together in a hybrid topology, managing the topology becomes difficult. It is also very expensive to maintain. The cost of this topology is higher as compared to the other topologies.

?Installation and configuration of the hybrid topology is difficult.

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