Instinctus Bestialis by Gorgoroth

8 August 2019

Gorgoroth is a Norwegian black metal band, like many of this type, formed in the early 90s. The name comes from a district of Lord of The Rings’ Mordor set over in the North West corner. Throughout their career, they have been know to kind of, introduce newcomers to the black metal fold along with some of their colleagues like Mayhem, Emperor, Bathory and so on. Also, they have ridiculous live shows.
This album, while far from their shortest, is surly very short when you compare it to other black metal albums of just about any kind. Yet the short lengths can help for people who want to try and sample some legendary black metal artists, and see if it’s their thing. They also get a new vocalist for this album which makes them sound more like Behemoth or any other Blackened Death Metal band. The track lengths seem to also range anywhere from 2 minutes to nearly 6 and the entire sound quality, might I add, is also turned up to 666(pin intended). Some may say it sucks and prefer the classic Pepsi Can black metal recordings. On the contrary, some say the cleaner production adds to the evil, Satanic themes often found in Gorgoroth’s music. I would fall in the latter. Personally, this more melodic black metal/blackened death metal approach is a giant leap in musical evolution for this band and it worked. Sure, it’s not for everyone, nothing is anyway, but the brutality is much more noticeable than say, Mortal Kombat fatalities and packs a giant wallop with, or without their formally traditional black metal sound. The two biggest gripes I have are lack of diverse progression in the album its self and much like most of Gorgoroth, it’s way too short.
I give this a 7/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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