Institution essay

8 August 2016

People say Institutions can rehabilitate,but who would want to live in one? Institutions cannot take into account for individual attitudes or behaviour. “An Institution by de? nition is anything where the behavior of more then one individual is controlled by a system of rules and conventions. ” Two texts that are seen as examples of the way an individual interacts with the institution are Raw a Novel by Scott Monk and Shawshank Redemption a ? lm directed by Frank Darabont. Each text shows differing ways individuals interact and are in? uenced by the Institution.! ! In the Prologue, Scott Monk uses descriptive language to create an extended metaphor. The metaphor creates an image of Brett Dalton the Protagonist as a wild animal and the Police or Authority as the hunters. This extended metaphor sets up the opposition between Brett and society,the individual outside of social Institutions. When Brett is ? rst at “The Farm”, he rejects it by “Just old McDonald farm and a couple of geese”this shows he had no threat whatsoever.

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He meets Sam one of the characters of the Authority of the reformed Juveniles, another wild horse has the chance to be tamed this is referring to Brett. The symbolism of the wild horse shows that Sam understands a lot about nature of the things that operate outside of rules and conventions.! ! Brett spends three months of his life at the institution where he is faced with different situations that affect his attitudes towards his life. Brett experiences friendship with Josh and froggie,Trust,love and lost at the “Farm” and leaves as a rehabilitated person then when he entered,although reality he returned to juvenile.!

The friendship between Brett and Josh shows compliance through there dialogue. Josh chooses to live at the Institutions “i work here with my own free will” this shows Josh has been institutionalized re? ecting back to “Shawshank Redemption” on Brooks he has also been incarcerated after 50 years. Red explains “Inside he is an important man,an educated man, outside he’s nothing”. Both Characters tragically make an impact in the institution,Where Brooks inspired Andy the opportunity to take over the library. Brooks was ? nally released but he couldn’t handle the real world he was so used to the dependance on routine,the institution had gotten the better of him which led to him hanging himself. In a way Institutions do not provide rehabilitation,wouldn’t you agree? Josh was also a character that in? uenced Brett by his emotional scarring event of being sexually harassed by his own family member and unable to trust anyone,This changed and self discovered Brett. “An Institution by de? nition is anything where the behavior of more then one individual is controlled by a system of rules and conventions.

One of the Major themes used in Raw is Protest. Brett protests against the Farm “ I don’t want to stay here and i don’t want to follow any rules” this response allows us to understand the attitudes on the concept of being within an institution. Tyson the resident bully at the farm is practical to the fact that some institutions are corrupt and do not initially work. Tyson and the sisters from “Shawshank redemption” are seen in similar ways,where they are both the resident of bully’s in the institution.

Emphasized through “every so often Andy would show up with fresh bruises” this has affected on both the characters within an institution.! ! In Conclusion Scott Monk Novel “Raw” and the ? lm “shawshank redemption” expresses the personal experiences within the institution through protest,enforcement and compliance. In society despite the fact that they contain similar ideas at the same time to look at different types of Institutions. “An Institution by de? nition is anything where the behavior of more then one individual is controlled by a system of rules and conventions. ” !

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