Insurance and Jessie Robinson

10 October 2016

Follow the instructions below to fill out the Example_Insurance_Application for Jessie Robinson. This is an application for renter’s insurance. (4. 0 points for completing the form correctly according to the instructions below)

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Insurance and Jessie Robinson
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Fill out the Applicant Information section of the form using the name Jessie Robinson, the date of birth 7/15/88, the SSN 888-88-8888, and the email address [email protected] com. Jessie Robinson is not retired. b. Jessie Robinson is renting an apartment on 785 Maple Avenue in Seattle, WA. The zip code of the address is 00448. c. Imagine what Jessie Robinson’s answers to the yes and no questions under Coverage Information might be. TIP: There are no right or wrong answers, but make sure to answer each question. d. Choose a date for Jessie Robinson’s coverage to begin and the number of years Jessie has had insurance coverage.

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