Integrated Marrketing Communication

1 January 2017

In this plan, we focuses on analyzing the current situation of Choco Pie including examining both its external and internal factors, current target customers. We have found that Choco Pie has certain strengths like strong brand equity, high quality product and more importantly marketing activities are running efficiently which help Choco Pie gain more market share in Vietnamese market. However, there is a problem with ads on magazines which is inefficient so it is not used anymore.

Therefore, in this report we plan to develop a new IMC strategy that will target student customers as an addition to the current target children customers in order to take its strengths, increase profits and promote the image of “Tinh” for the company. Hence, we aim to remove inefficiencies and use IMC tools to undertake this strategy. To achieve that, we will use three common tools of IMC including sales promotion, PR and advertising However, advertising will be funded most as it is an easy way to reach Choco Pie ‘s customers.

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Surely customers will have better awareness, perception about Choco Pie and inevitably sales volume will jump up.

After 1 year when the IMC plan is executed, its efficiency expressed clearly that is easy to recognise. When audience watches ads of Choco Pie, they can see that it does not mention any feature of the product, nutrition content as well as quality of that Choco Pie. However, hiding in each Choco Pie is the affection value it brings to customers. One elderly customer shared that he rarely watched ads on TV but when he saw Choco Pie’s ads by chance he was immediately attracted by meaningful and attractive ads. Since then his family often turned on TV to see that ads again and they become loyal to Choco Pie and buy products to worship then distribute to their children.

He said that he also cared about the quality but the value of “Tinh” Choco Pie brings is what he was convinced. In fact, until the end of 2011, sale volume of Choco Pie increased by many times in comparison with before the IMC plan is executed. It must be recognised that its IMC has high efficiency and meet its objectives stated above. It helps Choco Pie not only gain profits but also conquer its customers’ belief. To control IMC plan, managers should keep an eye towards all steps in IMC in order to make it run smoothly. Any changes in customers’ preferences and tastes must be caught on time to improve their products better and fit with the new trends.

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