Intentional Tort Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Intentional Tort is a purposeful act committed by a individual against another individual that consequences in injury. In this instance it is a nursing helper harming a patient. An illustration is a nurse put toxicant in the patient’s nutrient to bring down injury on them. The instance I found was about 16 twelvemonth old Rachelle Harris. On July 4th. 1988 Rachelle tried to perpetrate self-destruction and was checked into a psychiatric unit of Baptist Hospital. Rachelle was so raped by a nursing helper on July 16th. 1988. Dr. Isabelle L. Ochsner found no grounds of physical injury by a colza trial. Dr. Ochsner did reason Rachelle was hysterical and really emotional. they had to calm her. The constabulary offense lab performed an scrutiny on Rochelle’s apparels. her apparels came back positive with male sperm on them. Raymond Steward the nursing helper went into Rachelle’s room. she woke up with him touching her organic structure. She was shouting and was stating Raymond she was a virgin. Raymond didn’t halt until he finished. When Raymond eventually left she went into her bathroom which doesn’t have locks. to clean herself up and conceal from Raymond.

After approximately 15 proceedingss Raymond came into the bathroom where he raped and attacked her once more. When he left for the 2nd clip she ran to the nurse’s station to utilize the phone. The nurse behind the counter said she would hold to wait until regular phone times. Very disquieted she went to her friend’s room. Rachelle confided in Rosanna Moore about Raymond raping and assailing her. When Rachelle left Rosanna’s room. Raymond went indoors and proceeded to demo Rosanna images of his married woman and childs. He was stating her he was a good cat and to delight quiet Rachelle down and no 1 state anyone what happened. Rosanna so asked him to travel acquire her a phone. which he set it right outside her room. Rosanna called her ma and told her everything. and so the ma called Rochelle’s ma and filled her in. Raymond disappeared from the edifice after dropping the phone off to Rosanna. Rochelle’s Mom met her girl at the infirmary while she was acquiring trials done. Raymond was fired on July 16th. 1988 for abandoning his occupation without notice. Rachelle’s joint tutrixes Ernestine and Leotha Samuels Filed a case against Baptist Hospital. the insurance company and Raymond Steward. They claimed emotional hurt from the colza. Rachelle’s male parent so filed a request of intercession. claiming loss of service and society. Raymond testified as guilty of simple colza in January 1989.

Intentional Tort Essay Sample Essay Example

The tribunal awarded Rachelle a amount of $ 450. 000. Baptist Hospital is saying that is excessively much money. because she already had issues prior to the colza. Some of her issues included her pa mistreating her from a immature age. She tried to perpetrate suicide twice before the colza and one time after the colza. She slit her wrists the first clip. the 2nd clip she overdosed on Tylenol and Motrin. The 3rd clip after the colza she took so much anti-depressant that she had to acquire her tummy pumped. She was so admitted to Charter House Hospital where she stayed until March 8th 1989. I merely don’t understand how people can make these sorts of Acts of the Apostless and unrecorded with themselves. That hapless miss is traveling to be damaged for the remainder of her life because some imbecile wanted to hold sex. There are many willing people out at that place to hold sex. why couldn’t he merely travel find one of them. I see her holding trust issues. authorization issues and perchance even sex issues. I am certain there will be a batch more. I have ne’er been in that state of affairs so I don’t truly cognize what goes through your caput after a traumatic event like that. The infirmary did province they got a background cheque done on Raymond Steward.

The consequences came back good. He was ne’er in problem. ne’er arrested. Nothing coming up means he either has ne’er done this sort of thing and it was his first clip. or that he has ne’er been caught for making it. He was uprightly discharged from the Untied States Army. So the infirmary hired him. on paper he looks like a great cat. The lone ways this could hold been prevented is a more in deepness background cheque. Geting mentions from Raymond and naming them to see what his household. friends and coworkers have to state about him. Another option would be more staffing on each displacement ; two nurses should travel into a room together at all times. I think that would cut out a large portion. The other manner is merely allowing male staff go in to male patient’s suites. and female staff goes into female suites. Now I know this could still go on with the same gender. but I don’t believe it would go on every bit much as it does now. Another manner to travel about it if you don’t have adequate male employees or female employees is directing two in at the same clip a male and female. So because he did this on intent and to bring down hurting. harming the patient it is called knowing civil wrong. He knew precisely what he was making.


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