The name of this poem is “If” by Rudyard Kipling. The meaning of this title is portraying the idea of becoming a good person with superior morals. Kiplings use of the word ‘if for the title is supposed to demonstrate the characteristics of an ideal man and if his morals are correct then he will follow the old-fashioned virtues of responsibility. O The overall impression of this poem is that Kipling is trying to instill a sense of instruction, through examples, by providing a list of actions someone should or should not take to become a better person and staying true to yourself.

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I believe the speaker is a father to his son. The style of poetry Kipling used is a didactic poem. Didactic poems are meant to teach the reader a very specific lesson. w Kipling uses the phrase “if you can” repeatedly to show us if you do what is listed you will succeed. He also capitalizes ‘Triumph and Disaster’ because he wants to emphasize the options you have to either succeed or fail. The last thing that is essential to the theme of the poem is the use of the word ‘if. Kipling seems to be giving men a choice of whether to stay true to himself or lose his morals.

E One metaphor that conveys the theme, and is also very interesting, is the one where the speaker says that triumph and disaster are impostors. By saying that these two things are impostors, the speaker is saying that triumph and disaster are things that are not real. He is saying that people must realize that these things are not permanent. Therefore, they must be able to Just take them in stride and not let these things “get to” them. A Kipling’s speaker in this poem lists many of the qualities valued among British men during the Victorian period.

Some of these qualities include keeping one’s cool even hen everyone else is losing his own, trusting one’s self even when no one else does. He would also treat “triumph and disaster… ]ust the same. ” Therefore,”a perfect

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man” is self-controlled and he accepts wins and losses without emotional display. T The ultimate message portrayed in this poem is about developing the proper attitudes about things. It’s about keeping your eyes on the goal and not being distracted by unimportant things. It’s about courage and self-control and seeing the true value of things. intepretation of “If” by Rudyard Kipling By rosiesnyderl 23

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