Interactive Methods of Teaching English Through Literature

My purpose here is to explore the interactive methods of teaching English that have attracted the attention of the teachers in recent years, to show reason for interest in them, in what they are exploring, in what they accomplish, the principles and ideas that guide them. I shall make a lesson plan and during the lesson I shall experience the interactive methods of teaching which give the foreign language teacher the possibility to master some new techniques of communicative methods of foreign language training.

Teacher has to organize different forms of activity at the foreign language classes that is individual, pair, group and team. I shall present the most well known form of pair and group work the following kinds should be mentioned: inside (outside) circles, brainstorm, line-ups, jigsaw reading, think-pair-share, debate, pair-interviews etc. I shall point out that all above-mentioned form of interactive training are efficient in case a problem is discussed as a whole in class and the students have previous experience and ideas which they have acquired earlier at their classes or in a course of their private life.

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Interactive Methods of Teaching English Through Literature
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In the process of work the teacher should take into consideration the fact that the topics which are to be discussed in the classroom must not be limited or very narrow. I shall show that one of the most common peculiarities which are characteristic of the interactive forms are those that these forms of training motivate the student not only to express their own opinion but after some argumentation of their partners in the process of work to change the point of view.

In these Master thesis I shall determin the following advantages of interactive teaching: friendly atmosphere and relationships between learners are formed; learners have the opportunity to be more independent and self-confident; they are not afraid to make mistakes; it’ll help the learners to overcome the problems of language barrier confidence and fear of making mistakes; learners talking time is longer, it’s good for communication; teacher doesn’t dominate; a teacher has an opportunity to give the task to every student.

All learners are involved in the work; it’s good for individual work; shy and weak students have the opportunity to rely on their partners; learners can use their background knowledge. Besides I shall compare the interactive methods and discus their efficiency. I shall prove that interactive methods of teaching foreign languages give the teacher a chance to solve some problems simultaneously, help establish emotional contact with the students, train them to work in a team, to consider somebody’s opinion.

OUTLINE In the paper I am going to explore different interactive methods of teaching English. The aim of the paper is to present and evaluate these interactive methods according to their efficiency and appropriately. In my research work I am going to: 1. Make some lesson plans for 10 class students 2. Explore the interactive methods 3. Experiment with different classes at the same level 1. Interactive audio-visual teaching method and device 2. Brainstorming method 3. Debate method 4. Think-pair-share method

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