Interior Guard Duty Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Composition of Main Guard

An interior guard system is installed by commanding officer of all military installings to continue. protect belongings. and enforce military ordinances. Security is portion of the composing of the interior guard system. Separate units are responsible for posting inside in their countries.

The elements of the interior guard system are classified harmonizing to their intents. They include the chief guards and particular guards. The latter class consists of park. train boat guards and other detailed for specific intents. By and large. the interior guard consist of a system of patrols and fixed station ( Fig 9-1 )

Normally. an interior guard system is composed of the followers: One ( 1 ) Field Officer of the Day ( FOD ) ; one officer or more Sergeants of the Guard ( SOG ) ; a alleviation commanding officer for each alleviation ; and lookouts of the guard. the figure of lookouts needed for everyday daylight responsibility is normally much smaller than the figure required at dark or on Sunday and Holidays.

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Functions and General Duties of Personnel

1. Field Officer of the Day ( FOD ) – A field grade officer detailed at FOD is the commanding officer’s personal representative. His primary concern is the proper supervising in the public presentation of responsibility of the interior guards.

2. Military officer of the ( OD ) – The OD is responsible for the proper public presentation of responsibility by the chief guards. He is charged with put to deathing all orders of the dominating officer associating to interior guard responsibility.

3. Commanding officer of the Guard ( COG ) – He is responsible for the direction. subject. and public presentation of the guards. Bing a senior in rank. the commanding officer of the guards is responsible for proper action in instance of exigency.

4. Sergeant of the Guard ( SOG ) – The SOG is the overall supervising over the other NCOs and lookout of the guards. He takes over a commanding officer of the guards in instance no 1 else is detailed as such. 5. Relief Commander – The alleviation commanding officer instructs members of his alleviation as to their orders and responsibilities. and makes certain that each lookout understands them. He besides familiarizes himself with the particular responsibilities of members of his alleviation.

6. Lookout of the Guards – They must memorise. understand. and comply with the general orders for lookout. In add-on. they must understand and follow with the particular orders applicable to their peculiar station. including the usage of counter-signs. if they are in consequence.


1. Before the new guard arrives in the guardhouse. the old guards have already been formed on clip by the old commanding officer. The new guards March to the guardhouse for informal guard climb ( Fig 9-2 )

2. When the new guards are about six stairss from the left wing of the old guards. the new commanding officer of the guards commands “Eyes Right” . Almost at the same clip. the commanding officer of the old guards faces about the bids “present Arms. ” They remain in this place until the new guards have cleared their right wing. The old commanding officer commands “Order Arms”

3. A shortly as the new guards have cleared the right wing. the new commanding officers “ready. Front. ” The new guard executes right wing and arrests when are about six stairss to the right of the old guards. The commanding officer so commands “Order. Arms” and “About Face” .

4. Both commanding officers of the guards positioned six stairss in forepart and centered on their several groups. face about and command “Present Arms. ” After that. they face each other and exchange salutations. They so face their guards and bid “Order Arms” .

5. After the new guards have been presented to the commanding officer of the guards. the new old officers of the twenty-four hours place themselves 18 stairss in forepart and centered on their several guards. Both commanding officers of the guards face about the bid “Present Arms. ” After which they face back to the forepart and toast their several officers of the twenty-four hours.

6. After salutations have been exchanged both commanding officers face about. bid “Order Arms. ” and face back to the forepart. The two officers of the twenty-four hours so face each other and exchange salutations which starts with the new OD rendering salutation to the old OD. They so face their several guards.

7. The new bids “ Post the first Relief. ” after which the first alleviation commanding officer salutes the new OD. faces approximately. so commands “Falls out. ” The guards study to the guardhouse and the first alleviation commanding officer studies to the commanding officer of the guards for instructions on posting his alleviation.

8. Meanwhile. the old OD commands “Dismiss the Guards. ” The old commanding officer of the guards salutes the old OD. faces about. and bid “Rest. ” He so contracts the new commanding officer of the guards to convey instructions and orders. The old guards are so marched off to their company countries. This ends informal guard climb.

Guard Orders

Lookouts of the guards are governed by both general and particular orders. General orders apply to all lookouts. While particular orders apply to peculiar stations and responsibilities. These particular orders may besides incorporate instructions on the usage of marks and passwords. Herein below are the 11 General Orders for lookouts.

1. General Order Nr 1 – To take charge of this station and all authorities belongings in position.
2. General Order Nr 2 -To walk my station in a military mode. maintaining ever on the qui vive an vitamin D detecting everything that takes topographic point within sight or hearing.
3. General Order Nr 3 – To describe all misdemeanor of orders I am instructed to implement.
4. General Order Nr 4 – To reiterate all calls from stations more distant from the guardhouse than my ain. 5. General Order Nr 5 – To discontinue my station merely when decently relieved.
6. General Order Nr 6 – To received. obey. and base on balls on the lookout who relieves me all orders from the dominating officer. office of the twenty-four hours. and officer and non-commissioned officers of the guard merely.

7. General Order Nr 7 – To speak to one except in the line of responsibility.
8. General Order Nr 8 – To give the dismay in instance of fire or upset. 9. General Order Nr 9 – To name the commanding officer of the alleviation in any instance non covered by instructions.
10. General Order Nr 10 – To toast all officers. and all colourss and criterions non cased.
11. General Order Nr 11 – To be particularly alert at dark. and during the clip for disputing. to dispute all individual on or near my station. and to let no 1 to go through without proper authorization.

Method of Posting Relief

The undermentioned processs are observe in the poster of alleviation:

1. After the commanding officer of guard bids “Post Your Relief” . salutations are exchanged. The commanding officer of the new alleviation takes of his alleviation. and commands “Right-Face ; Right Shoulder Arms. Forward March. ” He marches to the left of the rear rank. while the commanding officer of the old alleviation Marches on the right of the taking rank.

2. On making the sentinel’s post the commanding officer of the new alleviation commands “Post and order remain the same” . The alleviation commanding officer so inquiries the new lookout ; “Do you understand your orders? ” If the new lookout understands. he replies “Yes. I do. ” Other wise. the new alleviation commanding officer clarifies the orders.

3. The new alleviation commanding officer commands “sentinel post” . Both old new lookout sketch right shoulder or sling weaponries. face the new alleviation commanding officer and March rearward until they are in line with the older alleviation commanding officer. 4. The new alleviation commanding officer commands his alleviation “forward. March. ” The old alleviation commanding officer takes one measure rearward to unclutter the old lookout. The alleviation advances the alleviation commanding officers take their original places as its base on ballss as its them.

5. After this. the old lookout takes his topographic point at the rear of the alleviation as it passes him. while the new lookout stands fast until the alleviation has passed six stairss beyond him and so he walks his station.

The process outlined above is observed until the member of the old alleviation has joined group path to the guardhouse.

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