Interior Monologue

1 January 2018

Just keep calm and stay low. I can’t breathe. There’s too much smoke. I have to find my little brother.

Mom says that she couldn’t find him. I can feel my throat closing up. I can’t quit looking. Maybe he is still asleep In his bed. Wait! I hear someone calling me. Henry? It does not sound like my little brothers voice. It must be my mother calling from outside.

Ouch, what was that? I Just kneeled on a comb. That must mean I’m In the bathroom now. Everything looks different In a fog. It’s so disorienting. Why can’t I crawl any faster!Just a few more feet until my brother’s bedroom. I can’t open his door; It must be locked. Ill have to kick It down, but I don’t think I’m strong enough.

Oh how I wish the firemen would get to our house.

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It’s been ten minutes, and they haven’t come. One, two, three, ugh! I can do this. Okay, one more time. Ready, ugh! Finally, the door Is down. Where Is he? Why can’t he hear me calling him? There I see him, but It looks like he passed out on his bed from the smoke. I have to carry him out fast before the house collapses.

Oh, please be alive, Henry. Just a few more steps and ere out.I’m feeling so light headed. I must….

Where am l? Why can’t I open my eyes? I hear beeping and why is everyone talking about me? I think I’m in a hospital. What?! What do they mean I may not make it? Was sleeping peacefully in my bed when all the sudden… Wait. I remember now. Our house was burning down and I had to save Henry.

We were almost out of the flames. Where’s Henry? Why do they keep holding me down? They don’t understand. I have to see my little brother right now. I need to know that he is okay. I will not stop shouting. I have to make them understand!

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