Internal and External Factors

1 January 2017

In this report we will be discussing two of the external factors and two of the internal factors of diversity and ethics of the food giant chain McDonald’s Restaurant. We will also address the four functions of management planning, organizing, leading, and controlling and the role each plays in McDonald’s organization.

The way each function is used in McDonald’s organization and how each level is impacted by these functions. We will also discuss why McDonald’s teaches diversity, the code conduct and the internal and external ethics of the McDonald’s Restaurant. The multicultural backgrounds that are employed by McDonald’s is a major factor of their success an why they have grown so much. McDonald’s was founded in the year 1948 has been serving the world their favorite food since 1955, and ever since has been a huge part of the job market since then.

Since McDonald’s has its reputation to keep, to offer great customer service were one the company’s goals, so, with that being said to create jobs for people who fit this skills has been one of their target goals.

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Representatives and employees of McDonald’s believe that diversity is a way of life not just a directive. McDonald’s values diversity in its companies as much as it values its golden arches. It includes diversity as part of the hiring process of its employees. McDonald’s inputs diversity in the business planning process.

It also has its own diversity business planning guidelines that are incorporated in the strategic planning process. McDonald’s leaders want to keep diversity number one in their staff and their community. Diversity is in first place for many reasons, but the main reason is they want to represent the customers that they service. This is a way of giving back to the communities that they serve. The companies leaders centers its organization in many local community youth programs and local organization. The companies recognized for their top officers in which the culture make up are women, Hispanics and African- Americans.

Internally the first function which is planning is implemented at the top of the internal management board members and this is how the top leaders implement new changes to the employees and the community. After agreeing with the new plans the top leaders will delegate to the middle team leaders to organize and gather all the needed materials to promote the plans. McDonald’s has grown so much over the past decades that it has widespread not just nationwide in the United States, but also internationally, the company has globalized.

With that being said, McDonald’s Restaurant has not only been a huge part of each and every American’s lives, but also a part of each and every people in the world’s life. Everywhere a person goes, he or she will find a location of McDonald’s, and that what make him or her feel at home. Since McDonald’s is a huge part of the people in the world. Planning in this function of the company’s management, areas of diversity has played a big role in the success of the brand McDonald’s.

In building trust with all the people who love the brand McDonald’s and its fast food chain, organizing by being in partnership with all the trustworthy companies is a must. By partnering, establishing, and maintaining relationships with these key organizations, the company has built brand trust amongst diverse communities and able to increase presence with diverse population. Leading in all the fast food chain around the globe, McDonald’s has strived, and dedicated themselves in identifying, and developing the company’s partnerships with key organizations to support the McDonald’s Brand.

Controlling all the McDonald’s areas and locations must have been pretty tough, for all around the world has different languages. With McDonald’s being an international and global fast food chain, the company has to diversify by creating and starting a global initiative. This initiative is active and promoted all over the world, and in all of the McDonald’s operating locations. In 2009, Don Thompson, McDonald’s COO, sponsored the Global Women’s Initiative globally. The main purpose of this initiative is to create a culture where women have the opportunity to be successful in life and to grow as a person.

This initiative was also created to help the recruitment, development, and advancement of all the women in the company across the world. And in 2011, as a result of this global concentration, the company has grown as a whole has helped women thrive. A copy of McDonald’s code of ethics is issued to the chief financial officer to the crew members everyone has to confirm their acceptance by signing with their signature. The directors of the company have to sign a code of conduct annually.

The commitment of the code of conduct is displayed in the values of the company. It agrees to enforce honesty, fairness, and integrity, and good judgment. The code of business conduct and ethics is not a contract, but is used as a guide to help members of McDonald’s. McDonald’s Corporation has a copy of the code of conduct posted on their web site. McDonald’s expected anyone operating within its system to be aware of their standards, but would like for their associates to organize and input their own policies of similar code of conduct.

The basis of McDonald’s is that it is truthful, ethical, and dependable, and it operates by good reputation (Ray Kroc, 1958). McDonald’s promotes trust by using local suppliers, and diversity and ethical policies. Externals ethics of McDonalds can develop outside of the nations like the United States it really increases poverty and then slavery. People are getting ripped off in this so called business world at least they can sell their burgers at an affordable price not when they’re getting a big promotions it will give them power over the customers.

McDonalds is one of the unhealthiest restaurants in the United States. The first external would be planning it is crucial to all restaurants in the business. Planning is not an informal or hazard response to the countries rights and regulations just abide by all of them and the employees would fill important. The second external standpoint would be organizing in order to run an operation at McDonalds you would need to invest in heavily tanning for their level worker so they can learn faster. The third external would be leading is really to show a person the right way to do a job.

Mangers will need to know exactly what you know social hands regarding how people think about major management positions of the labor force to bring more customers to the restaurant. The Last external would be affected internally because the manager is not aware of what’s going on throughout the business. To resolve ethical external in McDonalds you must understand the various moral standards. Recognize all moral impacts of McDonalds one of them is benefits to someone, harm to others, rights exercised and rights denied at your workplace.

Define complete moral problems determine the economic outcome of the situation and consider any legal requirements then evaluate the ethical duties of your job have a positive attitude when speaking at work. Almost 30% of it locations are company owned the other is ran by franchise so they stared selling healthier foods like salad with fruits on it and vegetables trying to reach out to a healthier crowd of customers . When traveling in an unfamiliar place you can always run into a McDonald’s restaurant we called it Mickey D’s that how much we ate it but you will get burned out if you eat too much of its food.

Conclusion McDonald’s Restaurant food chains have over 3,000 functioning and operating stores. The organization teaches its employees by their own code of conduct, diversity and the ethics of the community. The organization uses the four management functions in different levels of its business to promote goodwill and good business and to show the community that they are not just a restaurant, but that they are the same members in their neighbor hoods.

The representatives of McDonald’s and all those who operate within their system are expected to have ethical and diversity policies in place.

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