Internal and External Factors

9 September 2016

I think this might be the most popular soft drink because of their advertising techniques, Coca Cola have advertised themselves well to people of all ages, and is now one of the most world known soft drink in the world. I also discover that the majority of people prefer to buy fizzy drinks rather than still drinks, this is probably because it allows the consumer to gain more energy and will give them a higher sugar level. This allows me to know that when creating a soft drink I will ensure to make it fizzy as it appeals mainly to the target audience that I would be trying to appeal to buy my product.

According to my research I’ve also discovered that †he majority of people prefer to have a bottle drink rather than a can, this means when designing my product I would design the packaging in different size bottles this allows the consumer to open and reclose their product as much as they wish too.

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Internal and External Factors
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I also discovered that in my local supermarket that they have discounts on some of there soft drinks, this will appeal consumers to buy the products and try out knew drinks as they are on special offer, this is a good way to appeal people to start buying your product for the first time.

There are many different advertising techniques when it comes to advertising your soft drink, the main two that I have seen is billboards and television advertising, the television adverts either run in a sequence over time or are a completely different episodes. For example Coca Cola who are best recognised for their Christmas advert, these adverts have attracted peoples attention for years now. These advertising techniques are used because they ttract the target audiences attention, everyday you will find people of all ages watching the television and seeing these advert, to make a good advert and appeal to your audience you have to ensure you make a unique and eye catching advert. Billboards work in a similar way the majority people will go out and about on the street everyday and take notice of these billboards however you have to ensure that they are eye catching to get people to actually take notice to the billboard and advertising.

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