International Affairs in Relation to the Asean Economic Community Essay Sample

10 October 2017

“The importance of International Affairs in relation to the ASEAN Economic Community and the universe today” International Affairs or IA is a major in Khon Kean University International College. In some university such as Thummasart University and Chulalongkron University. They call different with Khon Kean University. They called “International Relation” or IR. International Affairs surveies about relation among many states. We study political relations. It makes us cognize about politic in each state in the universe. Anyway we besides study Economicss. It makes us understand in fiscal. banking. trading and investing. So International Affairs can do us cognize and understand about the cultural differences. manner of life and society of each state and we can use the cognition that we studied and utilize it in ASEAN Economic Community ( AEC ) that’s coming shortly. ASEAN Economic Community good known in short as “AEC” . AEC is traveling to come in 31th December 2015. There are 10 member states join together.

There are Brunei. Cambodia. Indonesia. Laos. Philippines. Singapore. Myanmar. Thailand and Vietnam. These states will fall in together at the terminal of 2015 like combination in European Union. In order to. makes a individual market and the same production base. increasing abilities for competition in economic system development is every bit and integrating into the planetary economic system. These are intents of ASEAN Economic Community we called “AEC Blue Print or the manner to be AEC” . Joining in AEC will do many benefits such as dialogue with spouse states. Export and import can be freely. This is the biggest changing in the universe that’s coming shortly. We should be watchful and fix to get by with it all the clip. When we talk about altering to new things will go on shortly in the hereafter. Many people are watchful and excite with it. but so many people are still ignore and non enthusiastic. This is the most of import job now in ASEAN states particularly in Thailand the state we are populating in.

Awareness about AEC in Thailand is still the biggest debatable issue. If we look around ourselves we will see many competitions in every measure. We must catch it for maintaining ourselves survives in this fast universe and full of competitions otherwise we can non populate in this universe merrily. because the universe today like province of nature. The strongest people will last with felicity. When the universe bend to that clip. There are so many impacts will go on and it would hold many affect to our life. Many states has to confront with altering and new things both good things and bad things. For illustration if the authorities works without good direction the catastrophe will go on to that state. So this is a undertaking of International Affairs to keep the catastrophe. As a pupil in IA and economic system is an of import portion on AEC. We study Economicss as good. We can besides work in economic portion in a fiscal organisation. In AEC investing will be freely. Investors can travel to everyplace and put everything within member states.

We will see turning up of economic system and economic system depression. We need to cognize really much about economic system. In 2015. Thailand is the first state that foreign investors determine to put in Thailand and trade will increase at least 25 per centums. In some portion of industry are in concern such as industry of agribusiness. edifice and fabric. because these industries can travel to other state where resources are cheaper in order to cut down the disbursals. In each state has different prominent for illustration Myanmar has prominent in agribusiness and piscary. Malaysia has prominent in gum elastic and fabric. Indonesia has electronic merchandises. Singapore has information and wellness centre. Thailand has prominent in going and flight. In each state has ain prominent so that depends on resources and location. So in ASEAN Community everything will alter even though the society that we are populating in. International Affairs teaches pupils in English and do us cognize and understand about planetary state of affairss. the issues of international relation and economic.

We need to understand English. So learning English is really good and utile for us because fall ining to AEC necessitate English as official linguistic communication to pass on with another people. You will see so many altering in your life. There are non Thai in our normal life for illustration every marks around the metropolis are all English. don’t have Thai in telecasting and radio even selling materials. telling a repast. etc. Everything is English. If you non understand English it’s really hazard for life in this universe. A thing that can assist your state more develop is you are ready and fix for AEC by larning English. Joining to AEC is non chilling like you think. If you prepare and maintain yourself ready. First. analyze difficult about AEC. There are many beginnings for larning such as cyberspace. liberally. book shop. etc. you should cognize about general information about AEC. Economy. Then. set yourself to be in ASEAN portion even it is non come yet. Populating with consciousness all the clip such as maintain your eyes on your concern and allow your childs to cognize the importance of AEC and take them to larn English. Finally. International personal businesss makes us fix all of above. In the future pupils of KKUIC will non be lost the occupation and nil whatever to makes us frighten and worry about it.

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