International Banking and Finance Essay Sample

The Masters in International Banking and Finance class from the University of Northampton is the right tantrum for my aspirations because of it’s overall academic excellence combined with the right practical exposure. Particularly. the corporations in the UK would give me the chance to set to utilize the theoretical cognition attained. and to accomplish my calling end of achieving highs in the International Banking sphere.

The ground I chose to analyze direction in my undergraduate was that I was ever fascinated by the behavior and relation between houses and people in an economic system from assorted positions: fiscal. economic and managerial. In the recent old ages. the Financial universe has undergone a deep transmutation and continues to alter quickly. besides altering the kineticss of the planetary economic systems. Hence. I am absolutely poised to derive a deeper apprehension of the finance and Banking from a planetary position. besides seting to prove my experience in the Indian Banking industry

Academically. I’ve been regarded as a bright pupil. holding earned first category honours in the Undergraduate surveies. I have ever been strong in the countries of analytical thought. job resolution and quantitative analysis. which was put to utilize in my work experience of five old ages in the Banking industry. I have worked with administrations like Axis Bank. Religare Macquarie Private Wealth and ICICI Bank. where I worked in the capacity of a wealth director and handled both banking andinvestment relationships for clients. The nature of work included portfolio direction. fiscal planning. hard currency direction. plus allotment in add-on to their banking demands

Apart from the Academic involvements. I besides have a significant excess curricular experience. I have been instrumental in organizing assorted nines. including the film and picture taking nines in college. Additionally. I have been in the organizing commissions of the intranet and inter college festivals. I have besides been really actively involved in learning English and Mathematics to the local underprivileged kids in the society. I have besides really actively participated in the assorted arguments and seminars organised by at the school and college degree.

I wish to understand and increase my bing cognition of finance and investings. and the planetary banking environment. My short term calling ends Include working with an international investing bank in the country of investing analysis. amalgamations and acquisitions and strategic planning. on a planetary idiom. In the longer term. I aim to work with the World Bank or administrations such as the United Nations in planing. implementing and monitoring policies.

I am confident that I am good equipped to set about the Masters in International Banking and Finance plan at your University. and thank you for your consideration

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