International Corn Flakes

4 April 2015
An analysis of the marketing strategies of International Corn Flakes in light of increased globalization.

This paper begins with a discussion of marketing strategy in an increasingly large global village. Then, using International Corn Flakes as a case study, examines company products, target markets and marketing strategies. Suggestions for development of a marketing plan for the company are outlined.
“With the advancement in communication technology, transportation and other technologies the world has shrink into a global village. Products developed in a country are now widely accepted in other regions of the globe as well. Many companies have been developing marketing strategies to fulfill the need, in an increasingly globalize market, for several years. There are a number of companies that are being recognized by and whose brand names are familiar to most of the people in every region of the world. With the span of time, the global competition is becoming more and more intense and is affecting businesses in almost every part of the world. Those domestic companies who have been doing business in a specific region for decades to concentrate in only one area of the market are now finding foreign competitors at their competition and having more market recognition because of their regional presence.”

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