International Journal of Education and Development using ICT

1 January 2018

Education is a socially acclimatized activity and the superbness in education has usually been correlated within fine feather teachers having a high potency of personal approach with learners. Usage of information and communication technology in education provides a wide setting for student-centered teaching process. Information and communication technologies are mostly associated with the most developed and costly computer-based technologies but not just that, it also involves radios, televisions and telephone technologies too. ICTs are useful in making the teaching and learning process efficient. The field of education has been affected by ICTs, which have undoubtedly affected teaching, learning and research (Yusuf, 2005; cited by Ajay, 2017). ICTs have the potential to accelerate, enrich, and deepen skill, to motivate and engage students, to help relate school experience to work practices, create economic viability for tomorrow’s workers, as well as strengthening teaching and helping schools change (Davis & Tearle, 1999; Lemke & Coughlin, 1998; cited by Yusuf, 2005; cited by Ajay, 2017).

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International Journal of Education and Development using ICT
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Curricula are starting to emphasize capabilities and to be concerned more with how the information would be used rather than with what the information is. Modern ICTs are able to provide strong support for all these requirements and there are now many outstanding examples of world-class settings for competency and performance-based curricula that will make sound use of the availability of these technologies (Oliver, 2000; cited by Ajay, 2017). The integration and the use information and communication technologies can help stimulate the teachers and students. This can help to improve the quality of education by providing the curricular support in difficult subject areas. To achieve this objectives, teachers need to be involve in collaborative projects and development of intervention changes strategies, which would include partnership with ICT as a tool. According to the citation of Ajay (2017), Zhao and Cziko (2001) revealed three conditions which are necessary for teachers to introduce ICT in their classrooms: teachers should believe in the effectiveness of technology; teachers should believe that the use of technology will not cause any disturbance; finally teachers should believe that have control over technology.

Ajay (2017) also cited the various ways of the employment of ICT in the teaching process (Lim & Chai, 2004). It can be as: a) Informative tool providing large amount of data in different formats including audios, videos, and documents that can be analyzed to get some important information; b) Situating tool providing real life situations which can be experienced by the students. Hence, making simulation and virtual reality possible. By this virtual environment, it help students understand concepts deeply; c) Constructive tool where data is manipulated and develop analysis; d) Communicative tool used to get rid of barriers to communication like space and time.

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