International Justice: Not Necessarily Destined for Absurdity

4 April 2015
Why international jurisprudence should avoid claims of universality, and focus on arbitration and crimes against humanity in small or defeated nations.

This paper discusses the role that international jurisprudence plays in conflicts between nations, and how the role of the international courts is being abused by nations, who want to use the reaps of war, rather than negotiations, to settle their disputes.

From the paper:

“The ICJ reveals itself as impotent even when adjudicating against weaker nations, as illustrated by its farcical order that Iran free its American hostages taken after the Embassy was stormed (Meyer 127). Whether with great powers or less powers, international jurisprudence is helpless to resolve conflicts in which one party merely desires to exploit its power.
Where both parties are mutually interested in an arbitrated solution to a dispute, however, international jurisprudence is useful.”

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