International Management

8 August 2016

Relationships developed by New-Zealand and Australia to other countries, differ from the rest of the Asian countries. Other Asian countries like Indonesia prefer to build long term relationships that will make more profit for a long time rather then have quick short term money. Another difference is that, most of the Asian countries feel as if the westerns don’t really care about their culture and beliefs, which is somewhat true. We only tend to care about what revolving around America. And this really affects how they look at us. 2- There are so many reasons as to why Indonesian archipelago is unique in Asia.

There are 17,000 islands all together in Indonesia. Each island has its own unique features that differ it from another. Some of the island are very rich , meaning, they produce iol, gas etc. While some islands are very dry and dormant. Climate is also different between these islands. Some islands experience heavy rainfall while other islands are experiencing drought. 3- There are many characteristics that the Indonesian workplaces are referred to here. I think that the article is only concentrating on the minimum wage jobs, the type of jobs that do not really need education to do.

International Management Essay Example

The article also emphasizes on how businesses have failed and are still failing up to now in Indonesia. The business opportunities that were written in the article are the type of jobs that needs an outsourcing employee, which are of course cheaper. Further on, Indonesian workplaces also experience problems when it comes to foreign management vs locals. 4- The Republic of Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation, has 203 million people living on over one thousand permanently settled islands. I personally think that for a place which has a large population number to be socially stratified like Indonesia isn’t very rare.

Simply because people are the same. Some tend to be more intelligent than other some more ambitious. Others are just lazy but others also work hard. Those who possess good character will move to a place that has people with the same characteristics as theirs. They will settle there and produce offspring with the same characteristics as theirs. Those who posses bad characteristics, i. e drug addicts, dumb etc will move to lower stratification. Hence, I think this is why Indonesia seems to socially stratified. 5- Many countries have realized that Indonesia is a good country to do business in and /or being a business partner.

Businesses around the world also enjoy the vast markets of goods in Indonesia. There are a lot of business opportunities in Indonesia, For example; agribusiness, automotive industries, construction and infrastructure and many more. One has to keep in mind that even though New Zealand and Australia are in the same Asian sphere with Indonesia, they have very different cultures and the way they do business. Therefore, New Zealanders and Australians have to explore the culture difference and learn how indonesians do things in order for them to be business partners.

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