International Peacekeeping or National Security

4 April 2015

A discussion as to the role of the U.S. defense forces at home and abroad. This paper questions the responsibility of the various U.S. defense forces to attaining and keeping international peace as opposed to their task of national security. The writer describes the emotions of the American public regarding these issues. “Indeed, the most frequent demands have come from the opposite end of the argument spectrum, where the skills of the mediator are often more relevant and the essence of the mission is to regenerate, not annihilate. Among the more potent therapies for this new world disorder, whether administered before a crisis or during an international intervention, is for local institutions of public security policemen, judges, and jailers to begin functioning. Most military officers have been in unknown territory when dealing with these matters, particularly when thrown into this complex task with a host of other international actors with whom they are largely alien (for example, relief workers, human rights monitors, election supervisors, and police trainers).”

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