International Phonetic Alphabet and Aspirated Alveolar Stop

9 September 2016

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Write the words using normal English orthography.

International Phonetic Alphabet and Aspirated Alveolar Stop Essay Example

Write the symbol that corresponds to each of the following phonetic descriptions, then give an English word that contains this sound. Example: Voiced alveolar stop! [d] dough a. voiceless bilabial unaspirated stop [ ] b. low front vowel [ ] c. lateral liquid [ ] d. velar nasal [ ] e. voiced interdental fricative [ ] f. voiceless affricate [ ] g. palatal glide [ ] h. mid lax front vowel [ ] i. high back tense vowel [ ] j. voiceless aspirated alveolar stop [ ] a. voiceless bilabial unaspirated stop! [p] spill b. low front vowel! [? ] tack c. lateral liquid! [l] lip d. elar nasal! [? ] sing e. voiced interdental fricative! [th] this f. voiceless affricate! [c] cherry g. palatal glide! [j] yodel h. mid lax front vowel! [? ] head i. high back tense vowel! [u] food j. voiceless aspirated alveolar stop! [th] team 7. In each of the following pairs of words, the bold italicized sounds differ by one or more phonetic properties (features). Give the IPA symbol for each italicized sound, state their differences and, in addition, state what properties they have in common. Example: phone—phonic The o in phone is mid, tense, round.

The o in phonic is low, unround. Both are back vowels. bath bathe ? = Low, central, unrounded e = Mid, tense, unrounded reduce reduction ? = Low, lax, rounded v = Low, lax, unrounded cool cold u = High, tense, rounded a = Low, tense, unrounded wife wives e = Mid, tense, unrounded i = High, front, tense cats dogs ? = Low, central, unrounded o = Mid, back, rounded impolite indecent o = Front, lax, unrounded ? = Mid, lax, unrounded 10. The answered of Question (10). 1- Naom Chomsky is a linguist who teaches M A T. 2- Phonetics is the study of speech sounds . – All spooking languages choose sound produced by the upper respiratory systems. 4- In one dialect the English Cat the noun and Cat the verb are pronounced the same . 5- Some people think phonetics is very interesting . 6- Victoria Fromkin, Robert Rodman, Nina Hyams are the authors of this book 11. What phonetic property or feature distinguishes the sets of sounds in column A from those in column

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