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6 June 2017

Monday October 7th,2013 the students of RIMS were excited to attend an exhibition on Traditional Handicrafts of Odisha. The exhibition was organized by the Development Commissioner of Textiles and Handicrafts, Government of Odisha. The venue of this in Mumbai was the AJivasan Hall, near SNDT College, Juhu. The school students and teachers were welcomed at the Entrance with a traditional floral presentation.

The various stalls were decorated with beautiful crafts like applique ork, stone carving filigree work, patachitra(painting on the bark of the tree)and taalpatra had the visitors awestruck. Our students interacted with many artisans like Umakant and Biswanath were quite forthcoming in their information about their vocation in life. Art and craft to many of them was passion and way of life. They opined that each one of us should never lose sight of our culture and Heritage and be rooted in our tradition through this medium.

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Exquisite handwork products were n Display and one could see people queuing up to buy these world famous items. Dhokra metal figurines of Hindu Gods and Goddesses had us mesmerized. The creative patchwork displayed by these artists mainly had the village scenes and tribal lifestyle depicted on them. They are indebted with the support given to them by the State/Central Government and various NGO’s. The students of RIMS asked the artists various questions on their art forms and its relation with other international art work f similar nature.

Children also felt proud showcasing the art practiced in countries like U. S. A, Africa which was part of their ISA activity in school. This was appreciated and the finer nuances understood by the artisans. The visit to this wonderful extravaganza came to an end with a promise of returning next year with renewed enthusiasm and the hope in their hearts to be active participants in carrying the flame of Tradition alive through these art and Crafts.

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