Internet Assingment

7 July 2017

Usages of Internet and web application break down the limitations There are many real success stories about how the internet and CIT have changed our societies and these changes focus positively on economic growth and socio- cultural benefits. The usage of internet as a platform in every sector is creating many new opportunities, whose were unavailable at past. Internet has a great impact on information sharing. By using internet the people from grassroots area can enable various economic growth and socio-cultural benefits. The growths of usage internet and CIT enhance the controlling power over the money.

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Now a days people are inducting money transaction very safely and easily. The usage internet has positive effect on children education, healthcare, community development, disaster management, living standard etc. If the rural people and the farmers come under the internet and ‘CT, what effective result may come we are go to identify through this essay. Present scenario of agriculture in Bangladesh: Agriculture-production is the most vital sector in Bangladesh. Most of the people of Bangladesh live in villages. They are almost everybody directly or indirectly depended on agriculture. There are 15183183 farmers family in this country’.

The total cultivatable land is 9098460 hectors” . The contribution of agriculture in GAP is 19. 95 iii . Though garments industry is expanded the employment opportunities. But agriculture and agriculture-economy is important. At present many technologies are using by farmers in agriculture- production to increase the production. Farmers are using power machine to cultivate the lands. The irrigation problems have been solved. Farmers are using high quality fertilizers. That’s why day by day the production is increasing. The farmers know well how to produce the production very efficiently and effectively.

The government has mom supportive activities for the farmers. There are many agriculture officers in every local Athenian. The agriculture officers are helping the farmers by giving trainings and advices on various issues of production. Problems: Farmers are very much efficient on their production. But the main problem is that the farmers never get the actual prices of agriculture-product. Sometimes they loan money from many sources at higher interest rate. When the farmers not get the proper prices of their product, they fall in problems. They suffer for their borrowed money.

In consumer markets the prices of agriculture products is very higher than there items. The prices are increasing day by day. Ultimately farmers selling products at lower prices and consumers buy these products at very high prices. What’s the reason behind this? The reason is there are some middlemen who are actually gaining profits by cheating the farmers as well as the consumers. Another problem is that the farmers not get proper information about the cultivation. Sometimes farmers fall 1 | Page friendly with farmers, but the farmers are not getting the proper banking facilities from the banks.

Solution: This problem can be solved by the help of internet and web application. By using the internet the middlemen will be vanished. By forming cooperative society among the farmers all the problems can be solved. An integrated model for solution: Fig: integrated web marketing model. 2 | Page Comparison between traditional marketing and our model: By using this model farmers can earn extra 50 take vi per sales unit. And the prices of agriculture product will reduce in consumer level by minimum 20 take. Farmers 500 Local buyers + 20 Rice processors 50 Marketplace 30 consumer = 600 Fig: traditional selling process.

Farmers 550 Fig: web marketing model Marketplaces + 30 Consumer =580 How the model will works: 1 . Farmer’s cooperative society: The farmers from several villages under one invoice will organize a farmer’s cooperative society. The farmer’s cooperative society will be the most important part of this model. Business process of cooperative society: The members will select one representative for their cooperative society. The activities of cooperative society are: a. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. Collect the all information about the agro-product of all members. Collect the products from the members.

Store the products. Delivery of the products Maintain all data about the members. Upload the information about the product into the website by Successive. Control the sales of product. Collect the payments from buyers. Distribute the prices into the members. Collect minimum funds from the prices of members for future use. The collected funds will use at the time of disaster. Members. 3 | Page Fund management of the farmer’s cooperative society: a) Payments to farmers: When the payments will find by the farmer’s cooperative society, then the payments will distribute as their contribution into products collection.

Farmers will receive the payments through their mobile bank accounts. B) Fund raising for future: For the true the cooperative society will raise a fund. A specific amount will cut from the member’s accounts for that fund. That fund will use for the betterment of the members. C) Micro credit: Sometimes the farmers borrow money from the local traders or banks. But when the farmers not get the high production, then they fall short in money. That’s why they cannot pay the borrowed money. Sometimes social harassments can occur.

If the farmer’s cooperative society raises the fund, then the members can get loan from cooperative society at very easy conditions. D) Allowance for disaster: Bangladesh is very disasters country. Every year natural disasters like: flood, hurricane, storm, and drought attach to this country. So the farmers are the most victims of these disasters. Anyone cannot stop these disasters, but can take some initiatives against these disasters. So from the cooperative society fund the helpless farmers can get emergency fund at the time of natural disasters. ) Maintenance cost : To maintain the web site there are some costs. That’s why each farmer’s cooperative society will contribute as a beneficiary member of that website. The contribution will be annual allowance to the maintenance firm collectively. F) Rewards for representative : Cooperative society’s representatives are the most important part of this model. So without rewards it will be very much deceptive with them. The representatives will collect all the information from the farmers and they will management the farmer’s cooperative society.

So the representative will get rewards from the funds of cooperative societies. 4 page 2. Information centers: Bangladesh government has taken some initiatives to make the country digitize. One of them most popular is USC. There are 4501 CICS across the country. There are two operators at every USC. One of them is female. That’s why omen are very much related with these USC. These centers are working day and night long for the betterment of the rural people. At present these centers are giving many digital services such as: picture, compose, laminating, photocopy, video call, e- mail etc.

These information centers enable some coloratura benefits as: older allowance, widow allowance, scholarships, fill up the registration form of school and college, Job application, land registration, visa and passport form fill up etc. The farmer’s cooperative society will work with the USC. 3. Upload the products features: All information about the products will collect by the preventative of the farmer’s cooperative society. Then the information will upload products through the website, then the buyer have paid the prices of products. And the prices will go to the accounts of the farmer’s cooperative societies.

Every cooperative society will hold an online bank account. That account will operate by the selected representative of the cooperative society. And all the payments will deposit at that bank account. Some time buyer will be able to buy the products before collecting the products from the lands. At that case buyers have to pay in advance to the cooperative societies. 5. Sales information to farmers: Whenever buyer will buy the products from the website, then relevant information will come to farmers mobile phone through web Simms. By this service the farmers will get all update information about their products condition.

Besides this the farmer’s cooperative society will get the sales information all time through the USC or web SMS over the mobile phone. 6. Buyers ‘companies: Anyone from the globe will able to buy their desire agro-products from this website. The larger agro-companies raw materials can be collected through the websites. And buyers will able buy fresh and quality products from this website t very lower prices. There will no middleman in web marketing system x. 5 Page Some positive effects of internet and CIT: Community development: Through the contribution of internet the total farmer’s community will be aroused that how?

When the farmers will be financially benefited, their standard of living will be high then in general the farmer’s community will be developed. And it is known that a strong community will play enormous role to the economic growth. Standard of living: This is a very much simple equation that when people’s monthly will be increased, their living standard will be high compare to others. If we could evolve the production and distribution system of the agro-products, then the monthly income of farmers will be increased and their living standard will be high as well.

If we could implement the plan then the life style and living standard of farmers will be changed and that will effect on the economic growth of our country. 6 | Page Women empowerment: The internet is changing the way we work, socialize and share information. Our women are not lag behind. They are adopting themselves with the blessing of internet. There are many women tech-entrepreneurs in our country. For example www. Merchandising. Com is an e-commerce xi site, which s found by Jesuit, a Bangladesh woman. Through the revolution of CIT our women can contribute a lot to the economic growth.

Health care: When the farmers will be financially solvent, then they could take more protein, carbohydrate. That will make them more capable to work. We know that a financially sound man can develop the society by developing himself. The farmers of Bangladesh are very much hard-working and industrious. If we could accelerate their help of the USC, they could consult with the doctors through video calls. Through the blessings of ‘CT, they could take the health care in formations also. Child education: Children are the future bricks of a nation. They can cement the nation’s growth and prosperity if they could be educated well.

As we mentioned that Bangladesh is an agricultural country and nearby 70% people are directly or indirectly involves with agriculture’s. So if we could develop the supply chain system of agricultural products through the blessings of ‘CT, then they would be more benefited. When they would be financially solvent then they would be highly motivated to educate their children. If we could develop our agricultural products distribution system, then a large portion of total population would be benefited. And their socio-economic growth will be intensified.

So their children will be educated. To be success in web marketing and CIT based marketing the end users and the operators’ need proper tanning and knowledge. Agriculture is a huge resource for every country. But every year these resources remain untilled because of proper information sharing. If by the internet and web application all the farmers and gratification can gather in one platform. Then all the agricultural resources will be utilized for the betterment of people.

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