Internet Broadband: Wireless Area Network (WLAN) Technology

4 April 2015
A look at the development of the system and how it works.

Today it seems like everyone is talking about something called “broadband”, its importance, and how it’s going to affect and enhance your computing experience. However, it is rarely defined in a simple and straightforward manner. This paper will attempt to provide an explanation in a way that is pertinent to you as an end user it will define what is meant by `broadband` and `wireless area network technology`, describe what is involved, and differentiate between the most popular broadband technologies.
From the paper:

Broadband is usually used to refer to a type of Internet connection. Simply speaking, a broadband connection is a connection that allows for extremely high speeds and supports data, voice, and sometimes even video information. It is considered broad because multiple kinds of information can travel across the wire, or band. High speed means that in addition to surfing the web without delays, you will also be able to enjoy multimedia-rich applications such as streaming audio and videoconferencing. Broadband connections are typically always on, so you don’t have to spend extra time dialing in to your service provider; as soon as the computer attached to the service is turned on, you can start browsing.

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