Internet Commerce

4 April 2015
Network control & growth, inexpensiveness, World Wide Web, user demographics, examples, obstacles, security & privacy, advertising, sales, access, future.

Commerce on the Internet is still in its infancy, but many experts believe that the computer industry is poised for an on-line revolution. The anticipated changes on the information superhighway are expected to rival the revolution brought about by the introduction of the automobile. Worried about ending up as roadkill, thousands of businesses annually are establishing their presence on the Internet.

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Internet Commerce
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The Internet is a global web of 25,000 computer networks. These networks, including corporate, education, and research institutions, are linked by high-speed data lines and wireless systems. Portions of the Internet are noncommercial. An example is the National Science Foundation Network, which serves as the main artery for research and education access.

The Internet network is loosely configured and lacks a…

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