Internet Detective

10 October 2016

How internet detective can help college students to produce good assignment? Internet detective refers to an internet research skill which is needed by most of the college students to produce a good assignment. In this new era, when the internet becomes a powerful research tool, students have to filter the sources of information while doing a research for their coursework and assignment. Usually, a high-graded thesis is supported by appropriate and creditable evidence or data from internet.

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Therefore, internet detective is a useful skill that helps students evaluating the quality of sources. First of all, students have to make sure lecturer accepts the source of information obtained from internet research. To identify a reliable source, its authority and accuracy are both the important criterion to be checked. For a reliable website, its author and content must be verified by qualified authority. In addition to that, the texts or articles have to be scanned through to ensure that the information is adequate and error-free.

Some websites which are not accepted for academic research and citation are, Wikipedia and Encyclopedia. These websites are banned because no fact-checking process is taken on it. Sometimes, there is hidden or invisible purpose of the website. The message it disseminates may advocate biased opinions or hoaxes. For example, a hate site, which its malicious content is advocating hatred on somebody, something or some issues, will lead the reader to subjective thinking, instead of rational thinking.

Thus, students have to make sure the information stated free of advertising and biases to ensure the quality of their coursework. There is countless information on the internet. In order to avoid disorganized data from internet, it is important to locate sources, evaluate and synthesize information that is needed for the coursework. First of all, students have to approach the content on a certain website and then make judgment if it is the evidence that they are looking for. The coverage and urrency of the information have to be checked to prevent out-date data. After that, the data should be weighed up and arranged according their priority and suitability for the research topic. In a nutshell, internet detective helps students a lot on producing good assignment. It increases the awareness of students about plagiarism and copyright, so that they aware for this issue while making any quotation or citation. A critical evaluation of sources will also make the data more persuasive and leave a good impression for the lecturer.

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