Internet Merchants Computers

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the role of computers in aiding an Internet merchants’ success.

In looking at the relationship of computers to an Internet merchant, the author first looks at the nature of the profession and how vital computers are to the success of the firm. An analysis of the computer programming languages and devices used to aid this business follow, including Application Service Providers, Merchant Account program, and Data Warehousing. The findings are that computers and computer programs play a vital role in contributing to the success of this profession.
As an Internet merchant I sell products and services over the World Wide Web. I have a website that allows people to purchase products using credit cards and shopping carts. The products that I sell include office supplies, As Seen On TV products, computers, cameras and watches. The services that I provide include business and financial consulting; this is done on a month-to-month prescription basis.

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The business has been in operation for five years and grosses $10,000 a month in profits. The business is home based and I have two employees; a secretary and a bookkeeper. In my home office there are three computers that are used for business purposes. Computers aid me in keeping my business organized and allow me to track the process of business transactions. I use a computer to update my site, review and log customer orders, and to send and receive email from customers and suppliers.

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