Internet Postage Services

4 April 2015
This is a consumer-buyer behavior study on the public response to innovative Internet postage products and services.

This paper is a very detailed report on the the Internet postage market, a branch of the total postage market. The survey finds that this market may increase to $120 billion, domestically and internationally.

Internet Postage Services Essay Example

Executive Summary

Summary of Findings

Profile of the Market

Product Category

Market Size

Historical Trends

Growth Forecasts

Customer Segments

Market Leaders

Advantages & Disadvantages

Recent Market Trends



Psycho graphic

Marketing Opportunities

Description and Justification of your Target Segment

Potential Consumer Segment


Analysis of Consumer Behavior

Problem Recognition

Search for Alternative Solutions

Evaluation of Alternatives


Product Positioning Statement

Marketing Mix Recommendations

Promotional Mix Tools

Advertising Objective



Channels of Distribution



Analysis of Survey

“Internet Postage is one of the main features of the Internet services market. The increasing use of the Internet has caused an equal increase in the need for Internet services. Internet services continue to grow on a daily basis. Since there are increasing numbers of American households accessing the Internet (an average of 60 percent), these services are currently very competitive. This represents a major opportunity for the Internet Postage market to grow in the same pace. Depending on the expansion, this market may increase to $120 billion, domestically and internationally.”

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