Internet-the death of newspaper

Newspapers were considered an important object of modern civilization. It is the first most commonly accepted invention containing the record of the current events. Newspaper started to get more popular after the invention of the printing press by Guttenberg. The India Gazette is the first newspaper in India. It was published in 1744 and from that; the circulation of news paper has increased. Newspapers are of 2 types: Morning edition and evening edition papers. The news about the previous day will be available in the morning edition newspaper.

Evening edition newspapers provide news about events that had happened from the morning till the noon. Newspapers provide news about sports, films, share market, matrimonial and opportunities also. , Newspapers fulfilled a wide variety of other roles too, offering public notices of every description plus opinions, games (like crossword puzzles), weather forecasts, arts reviews, advertisements, classifieds, calendar of events and even serialized fiction. Newspaper was considered as a means of voicing the public opinion.

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Internet-the death of newspaper
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Various forms of news are published in the news paper. All kinds of people started to read it. Professionals like Lawyers got to know about the cases of social and political injustice through newspaper. News papers paved way for the lawyers to express their opinion about those cases of injustice. Businessmen read newspapers to gather information about trade and commerce in the country and abroad. Students and teachers also get benefited by reading newspapers. Newspaper serves as a means of teaching and learning. They provided information about various educational topics.

Politicians also find newspapers very useful as they act as a medium for conveying their political ideas to the masses. In olden days, the newspapers influenced the people to be united to fight for independence. News papers also publish news about corruption or about the crime which has occurred. The police become active and takes necessary actions soon in response to the news published in the news paper. The Government also pays attention to the news in the newspaper. Newspapers act as a strong opposition in strengthening democracy. In case of public grievances; the Government sincerely tries to redress them.

There are editors who get bribed to write the wrong things. Very often, true and honest reporters are tortured, insulted, terrorised and often killed by antisocial. There are also cases where newspapers are set to fire before they reach the readers. Freedom of press started to deteriorate. Newspapers hold a near monopoly on the delivery of information about events in the world, the nation and local communities. Thus, newspapers; which was considered to be the indispensable, all-purpose information source for educated citizens can’t be thought about in that aspect anymore.

Instead, it applies to the Internet. Internet: Internet can be reckoned as the latest discovery of man which has revolutionised his style of working and living. It has totally reduced distance, broken all man-made barriers and made our world a small place. It brought information at our doorstep opening before us what is known as ‘Information Superhighway’ at the click of a button. Real Internet operation began in 1969 when United State’s military used it for the first time. By 1980s it became a tool in the hand of academic researchers and Universities.

It was only in the 1990s that Internet was thrown open to the public. Today every nook and corner of the world is connected through the Internet. Anyone who has a computer, a telephone line and a modem can access Internet. This era is an era of internet. Internet crashed like a tsunami across entire industries, sweeping away its impact on all the industries. News paper industry is also one such industry which has gone through a tough phase due the birth of internets. The greatest merit of Internet over newspaper is that it opens a world of information at the press of a key.

It helps to gather information from storage areas of the servers called websites. Today we can get any information on any topic in a matter of seconds. In this advanced and technological society, if individuals need news immediately, there is less of a likelihood that the news hungry public will wait for the next day’s paper. Rather, people prefer to tune into a 24 hours news station. The channels like CNN, NDTV and FOX provide up to date news to the public. They provide flash news as a crawl at the bottom of the TV channel.

Moreover these news channels also have their online sites where people need to just register for receiving breaking news alerts. Due to these timely updates, subscriptions to newspapers have also been affected. So many people have started to get their news from the internet now. The number of subscribers to newspapers has dropped down also due to free service provided by these online sites. Internet has improved our communication system. It has provided an exciting and easy mode of communication known as E-Mail (Electronic Mailing system).

Today we can send letters and emails to anyone living in any part of the world just by clicking a few buttons on our computer and that too at an extremely cheap rate. Not only letters can be Send but, we can also chat with our near and dear ones, see them before our eyes just sitting in our room. Internet has made communication, highly fast, cheap, safe, and least cumbersome. With the help of internet, people are able to voice their views through social networking sites. People post their comments and suggestions about any rule issued by the government or address about any social issues frankly.

People have started to become more conscious and have begun to actively participate in all social activities like rally, strike etc. Social networking sites like facebook, orkut help us to spread information about these activities in a shorter duration of time. Thus, Internet has the power of creating awareness among public in a shorter span of time than the News papers. Despite reports that have predicted the complete death of the newspaper business, a new study suggests that the pull of the internet as a news gathering source still pales in comparison to the newspapers.

The study notes that the percentage of people who rely on a newspaper for their daily news has remained steady for the past two years, following a decline earlier in the decade. All the myriad roles that the newspapers played are each handled by separate organizations online Game sites offer games, Weather sites offer weather forecast details, Craigslist and other such sites offer classifieds, Advertising networks sell and place the ads, and so on. Internet’s educative and entertainment value is also very great. Internet has also widened business opportunities.

You can advertise your goods and products in the internet as well as seek jobs, place orders, meet with business magnates, attend international business conferences, deal with stock market, buy and exchange currencies, transact bank business, etc. , and this is known as electronic commerce or E-Commerce. Earlier, when news information was only available in printed format; readers had to process the news themselves. An average reader could read an article and note important points. It is a time consuming process. In a fast moving world, people don’t have time to read the news completely.

Online news channels lists down the main points of the article at the beginning. Thus, internet news has helped the busy scheduled individuals in processing a lengthy written news article at a shorter span of time. The size of newspapers in terms of number of pages has been growing steadily but the amount of valuable information contained per reader has been steadily declined. But as the newspaper companies have become too dependent on the advertisement revenue, they have lost sight of the need to deliver value to the customer.

Thus with the growth of internet the number of newspaper readers has decreased and caused death of newspapers. However, the information provided in the internet is not 100% reliable. There is a lot of wrong information on the internet. Anyone can post anything, and much of it is garbage. Thousands of youth use internet to view unwanted things. Once they start to surf something, they don’t come out soon. Lot of time is wasted on browsing. There are a lot of cheater sites available online where people can buy essays or cut, copy, paste the available information and claim it to be their own creation.

These types of sites have reduced the creative thinking capability of people. In contrast, reading news paper allows readers to improve reading skills, increase English vocabulary, enhances writing skills and allows us to expand creative knowledge. Thus reading newspapers every day must be encouraged. Despite reports that have predicted the complete death of the newspaper business, a new study suggests that the pull of the internet as a news gathering source still pales in comparison to the newspapers.

The study notes that the percentage of people who rely on a newspaper for their daily news has remained steady for the past two years, following a decline earlier in the decade. There are a section of people who still read newspaper everyday early in the morning with a cup of coffee. They consider it as a habit and continue to follow it even now. Thus, the birth of internet has caused downfall to the newspapers but can never bury it completely. Newspaper will continue to survive in par with the internet.

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